Monday, May 16, 2016

Today In Republican Detachment Disorder: Jennifer Rubin

Jennifer Rubin is one of the many neocon throw-pillows with which Fred Hiatt decorates the op-ed page of the Washington Post.  And she has just had it with those Meany Von Meanington Trump supporters:
To be a Trumpkin is to abandon reason, civility and intellectual honest and replace them with insults, threats and doublespeak.
Sorry, Jennifer

You baked it.

You eat it.


Robt said...

"To be a Trumpkin is to abandon reason, civility and intellectual honest and replace them with insults, threats and doublespeak."

How you long for the Good Ole days of the Grand Ole party where;

*"your with us or against us".

*"swiftboating" a decorated veteran by a 5 deferment war hero.

*Creating and feeding the racial hate by" demanding the first black president to "produce his birth certificate". Not that one, "the long form". Not that one, "the real one from Kenya".

*How about the civility and respect of organizing blame of the 2007 economic collapse on a president who was inaugurated the following year. After it occurred.

*Maybe, the adopted theme song for the President by Rush Limp-paw. Singing, "Barrack the Magic Negro" is the sort of respect you are talking about.

Perhaps none of these is your point. It may be Jennifer, you are speaking about the GOP voter base that rejected JEB! so decisively and harshly. That the now GOP KKK standard bearer (Trump), who confronted JEB! with an iota of truth about JEB's Brother. Who lied America into a presumptive pre emptive war. Cut taxes during a time of 2 active wars for the first time in American history. Because funding those wars are better on the credit card.

I realize it is just a movie, but it gave a lesson to be learned.

The Scarecrow in the wizard of Oz had the presence of (NO) brain. To wish he had one and make the attempt to get one.

banker puppy said...

The link you provided merely scratches the surface of JRube's disregard for the truth and her role in creating the GOP standards for, in her own words, "insults, threats and doublespeak."

About the same time as that linked piece was written (January 2013) I tracked and documented instances in which Rubin plagiarized, misquoted her sources, flagrantly tortured English grammar, misused words, over-relied on anonymous sources of dubious existence, or just plain lied. After about three weeks the list exceeded 13 pages. I sent it to WaPo. I didn't get a reply.

bowtiejack said...

Nice. Very nice.

Yastreblyansky said...

She'll eat it, in any case. Give her a couple of weeks. She's probably drafting the column in her head already (you know Dr. Kristol and all the lads at National Review are). Hers will make a point of what a good friend Trump is to Israel (where he's already the most popular candidate anyway).

dinthebeast said...

I really miss Princess Sparkle Pony's blog at times like this. Especially the ongoing contest between Jennifer Rubin and Richard Cohen for the worst sentence ever published. I can't remember who held the title when he quit blogging last year.

-Doug in Oakland

RUKidding said...

JRube, like all the others, will shortly line up to kiss Trump's heiney, especially as Trump has gotten the endorsement of Nettanyahu's poodle, Shelly Adelson.

I don't get why these stenographers bother to protest Trump at this point. Trump is pretty much, uh, trumpeting most of the GOP party line. It's been definitively proven that he proposes to cut taxes on the mega-wealthy, and now he's waffling on the wall... which was always bogus. ALWAYS. And Trump says he'll "deal with" ISIS. Whazzamatta? From where I sit, JRube should be kissing the ground Trump walks on.

Or is it that they're just horrified by Trump's white supremacist moronic Nazi Brown Shirted thug low life fans? If so, why are they horrified NOW by them?? "Those people" have always been this way. They're only a tiny bit less subtle than they used to be.

Shakes head: honestly, I don't get it at this point.

Robt said...

"Shakes head: honestly, I don't get it at this point."

Although I bet you know the answer to your own question. Allow me to share a short (version) of my answer.

Racism and oligarchy has always been disguised. Suppression of people laced in religion.
It is always about harsh control. Who will we punish with this power if we get it.

This kept under the bed. In the closet. Spoken behind closed doors.
But the building blocks of fascism in America failed miserably with McCarthy. Or so we thought.
Perusing the Southern Poverty Law Center, we find the rise and lulls of hate groups and their violence.
They rise under Democratic elected governments and seem to subside with republican majorities. probably they are pandered, pampered and brought into the fold.
They are propagandized so hard for so long, they became institutionalized.
This GOP voting base will never be invited to be in the true club.
Nor the elite wealthy gated communities of the people who believe they are the owners of America. The real owners. Because their wealth is evidence as a true patriot.
Forget the founders, they are the job creators. One step away from Creator.

so I ask this question;
Before the Civil War. An estimated 3 percent of all whites in the south. Owned all the slaves.
How did the south convince all the other non slave owning whites to fight and die for the south's cause? (which was the right to own humans as property to do with as one pleased).

Jimbo said...

"To be a Trumpkin is to abandon reason, civility and intellectual honest and replace them with insults, threats and doublespeak." Obviously, Hiatt also doesn't bother with grammar editing his OpEd contributors. Sigh.