Monday, May 30, 2016

Today In Both Sides Do It: Ron Fournier, The Sad Clown of Centrism

Ron Founier's obsessive, knee-jerk Both Siderism is every bit as fraudulent and rigidly ideological as he pretends the "corrupt duopoly" to be. It is also an incredibly frail deception, which is why I suspect Mr. Fournier never appears in any venue where the wisdom of his received Beltway drivel would be in danger of serious and sustained rebuttal.


Anonymous said...

"Corrupt Duopoly"


dinthebeast said...

What? More lazy ass poltroonery from severe dementia? I wonder how long ago his duopoly was corrupted? Ought to get that looked at, really...

-Doug in Oakland

Unknown said...

I tweeted back to him: ``Somehow the man who can't stop lying and the woman rated as the top truth-teller of the campaigns are excatly the same.''
His reply: ``no. They're not.''

There must be a better word than obtuse to describe that idiot.

Richard Luken said...

How about "a willfully but profitably obtuse sophist"?

Robt said...

Ronny F. like Joe the morning scar and others are all the same new corporate media model.
If you follow the ,money and the origins of the propaganda. You will find why it is in front of you and who decided to do so.
Like much of the FOX media model. If it froths up anger in responses. They hit the mark of viewership.
These media outlets are not there to provide news and information. They are there to disseminate the misinformation that leads to their benefactors profit.

The same folks that seen profit in GW Bush's presidency, are beginning to see profit signs in a Trump term.
Where in broad daylight, they back up their trucks to the Federal Reserve and perpatrate one of the biggest heists in history. As in the Bush Adm years.
The true art of the deal.

As Hew Hewitt is now on MSNBC's payroll of truth disguisers and ideologue promoters.
The Louie Gohmert's of congress never gets the coverage it should to pressure the GOP for giving him a committee gavel. Because gays on Mars, you know!

Yet that Obama Adm continues to destroy America as Alex Jones blathers of how he knows it.
Lets put Trump in charge of the Obama FEMA Camps. Let Trup cut Government revenue to collapse the economy greatly again.....

Free Range Steve said...

Can I ask, where did the "severe dementia" moniker come from? Is there an origin story?

KB said...

Ron's latest at the Atlantic:
"Judging the Mom Who Let Her Boy Run Away at the Zoo"
Spoiler: both mom and gorilla equally to blame.

Unknown said...

Free Range Steve, I have been using it in my comments here and elsewhere for a year or two now. I think our fearless host just thought it had a nice ring to it and decided to use it himself. I remain hopeful it will gain wider use.

I came up Ron "Severe Dementia" Fournier when his work product was 90%+ made up of columns blaming [problem or scandal of the day] on Obama's failure to lead, with little more than some hand waving in the direction of reality (that the GOP is barking mad), if any mention of them at all.

I came to the conclusion that there were two possible explanations for Fournier's dipshittery:

1) He's a GOP hack and cog in the Wurlitzer, and his marching orders were/are to discredit Obama (and his party by extension) by pushing this "Obama can't lead" bullshit into mainstream political coverage, and hence The Narrative. In this he is not that different from David f'ing Brooks or right wing mole Jonathan Karl, though the styles in which they carry out their assignments differ.

He was uniquely positioned to take on this job as a senior editor at purportedly nonpartisan outlets like the AP and the National Journal (and corporate sister publication the Atlantic lately too). He flaunts his nonpartisan credentials to vehemently insist that he's an above-the-fray concerned citizen who is just so sick and tired of partisan bickering. This leads him to blame "both sides" for everything, but ESPECIALLY for things that are 100% the GOP's fault. And where maybe there is blame to go around he cynically plays the "but ultimately it's Obama's fault because he can't leeeeaaaad like a leaderly leader of men who want him to lead them" card.

He uses his nonpartisan "stature" as sword and shield. But strangely, he repeatedly and often mendaciously uses it as a sword against Obama (and now Hillary), and only criticizes the GOP as much as he has to to maintain his "stature" in the Village green room circuit. The Trumpocalypse has recently scrambled his matrix a bit, but he's trying his not-on-the-level best to stick to the formula.

2) He has a severe, undiagnosed head injury, which causes him to write the same column over and over again regardless of events, evidence, or context. In a way, this is the more charitable assumption. Hence, Ron "Severe Dementia" was born.

Free Range Steve said...

thanks - good stuff

I think it might actually be #2 ;)

Robt said...


Mr. tRUMP HAS SPOKEN. So let it be written.

If you want Ron F. to tell the truth, tell Ron to stop lying.

Unknown said...

“Mr. Fournier never appears in any venue where the wisdom of his received Beltway drivel would be in danger of serious and sustained rebuttal.“

A trick he learned from Dick Cheney.