Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Nevada Democratic Party Candidate Nomination Process

As explained by Ben Wyatt.


Unknown said...

An excellent analogy

bowtiejack said...

Just perfect.

Neo Tuxedo said...

"The game of Squamish is played on a 5-sided field known as a Flutney. The two teams line up at opposite sides of the Flutney and play seven Ogres of fifteen minutes each -- unless it rains, in which case they play eight Ogres."

Anonymous said...

Nuh-uh, don't hide behind some random video:

Here's what went down:

Ralston of the NV press was there as were reporters from the Las Vegas Sun who live-tweeted the event with video:

The Berners came with an attitude and started fights before the convention even got underway and are lying through their teeth about what they did. Ralston was on MSNBC fit to be tied:

And here's Politifact: "Allegations of fraud and misconduct at Nevada Democratic convention unfounded"

Megan Messerly of the Las Vegas Sun on Twitter - check her timeline for the play-by-play and videos of the event:

It' a continuation of this: VIDEO: "Bernie Sanders Zealots Are Now Shouting Obscenities in the Faces of Hillary Clinton Supporters, Including Children"

Basically, they've graduated from intimidating Clinton supporters online to doing it in person and Bernie is basically egging them on. NOTE: these are not Democrats... they're Naderite Greens/Libertarians. There's a reason these yahoos are behaving like teabaggers.

By the way, in case anybody's wondering why Bernie's not-Dem supporters and Pautard ratfuckers are acting like scumbags... guess who has been feeding them the right-wing propaganda and conspiracy theories (not to mention the Ron Paul tactics): GLENN GREENWALD:

Meanwhile, LIBERTARIAN Glenn Greenwald has been touring colleges in the company of white supremacists/Koch scum teaching the youngsters all about "civil liberties,":

THIS is Ron Paul:

These scumbags are now trying to weasel their way into the Democratic Party on Bernie's coattails because he's probably the dumbest MF currently living. His entire campaign has been aimed not at driving anyone to the left, as if they needed it. It's been to garner support for a third party on our dime:

Yep. The Naderites, as we didn't fucking recognize them from Nader 2000:

And another thing, you imbiciles, I LIVE down the street from the Planned Parenthood clinic that was shot up by a deranged teabagger. On the heels of that, dumbass Bernie comes along and basically gives the nutters a wink because, ya know, PP and all those aborting sluts are basically "the establishment" - enemy #1 of dudebros everywhere.

I KNOW people who stand outside fighting off the Christofascists on a daily basis at the clinic, you stupid SOBs.

Thanks bunches for looking the other way as these Bernie assholes savaged women all over the fucking Internet for an entire year, whike "progessive" dudebros jumped on board the Rand Paul-instigate #WhichHillary bullshit:

My favorite was the @BernieSanders #MississippiBernie hashtag.

Democratic Socialist my arse. I AM a Democratic Socialist - from Germany. Bernie is no such thing:

NOR are his counterparts in Europe currently attacking Democratic Socialist governments while humping Putin's leg:

"Germany's Pro-Putin Parties a Threat to Democracy"

Same exact talking points - same tactics.

Congratulations, you ignorant fucks.