Sunday, May 01, 2016

Jon Huntsman Blows With The Wind

And the prevailing wind happens to be from Mar-a-Lago.

From Politico:
GOP’s Stop-Trump fever breaks
But a small core of Never-Trump operatives is still plotting a contested convention.
“We've had enough intraparty fighting. Now's the time to stitch together a winning coalition,” said Jon Huntsman, the former governor of Utah. “And it's been clear almost from the beginning that Donald Trump has the ability to assemble a nontraditional bloc of supporters. … The ability to cut across traditional party boundaries — like '80, '92 and 2008 — will be key, and Trump is much better positioned to achieve that.”
As we have repeatedly noted on this blog over the years, Mr. Huntsman's "No Labels" scheme...
...was cooked up as a Burkean cosplay fantasy camp where an entire menagerie of Beltway parasites and con men feast upon the credulity and cowardice of wealthy political shut-ins and weak-minded child-men who cannot face the fact that the GOP has gone mad, and a variety of "true Conservatives" who have been run out of the movement by the beast they created.
This was self-evident from the day the scam was launched, and just as self-evident five years later when they bestowed their ridiculous "Problem Solver Promise" thank-you on Donald Trump:
The bipartisan good government group No Labels thanked six presidential candidates Monday for taking its "Problem Solver Promise," commemorating the event with a New Hampshire event that none of the candidates attended in person. One seemed particularly distant from the Radisson in downtown Manchester: pledge-taker Donald Trump.

"We had no idea when we started out down this road how many candidates would make the Problem Solver Promise," said No Labels's co-chairman and former U.S. senator Joe Lieberman, a longtime Democrat from Connecticut who retired as an independent after losing his party's primary. "Today, six have! I'm glad we got six. We could have gotten zero."

No Labels has adapted to the rise of Trump more smoothly than other political groups. No Labels co-chairman Jon Huntsman, the former Utah governor and ambassador to China, has consistently given Trump a solid chance of winning the nomination of a fractured GOP.
And so no one has any business being surprised that the co-founder of "No Labels" has thrown any lingering pretense of "bipartisan good government" claptrap under the bus and thrown in his lot with his party's racist, fascist misogynist front running.

'Cause "Appeaser" Jon gotta get paid!*

* (h/t John MacCuish)


John MacCuish said...

I am having a delicious time calling them, "Appeasers."

keith gargus said...

Huntsman sounds like a French general at the start of the German offensive in WWII. "We got them just where we want them". And with a field marshal like Lieberman, can anyone doubt the outcome? Fool.

Robt said...

Ex Utah republican Governor, ex republican primary presidential candidate, ex republican appointed Ambassador to China and present republican party loyalist and ideologist Jon Huntsman .
Espouses, "no Labels"......?

No different than Speaker (child molester) republican Denny hastert casting morality impeachment of others.

This is all after birth from Nixon. When he told the press in an interview that, When the President acts, (whatever it be) it is legal".

As we saw with GW Voldemort's torture, lie to invade Iraq.
The mistake of letting Nixon resign kept Nixon's pretense of royal Kingsmanship as dictator in Chief alive to this day.

It is now something to start watching, the Circle Jerking forming around the Donald. Forget Ideology of Conservatism. As long as they think they can defeat their most hated and feared enemy, the democratic party which equals liberals which equates to socialist, that has roots in Maoism that stems from Communism which rises out of black Muslims.

How sad it is for the poor slob republican who earns appx $30K to $30K per year. It is not their fault it is the "liberal" Democrats for taking their tax dollars.
Time to invest in adult GOP diapers. Much infant poo coming. GOP pooing to peak.

RUKidding said...

Remember when Jon Huntsman seemed sort of like the "reasonable" one in the 2012 KKKlown KKKar. Well: behold.

Lesson to be learned: they're all scam artists. They're all grifters. And at heart, they're all as batshit looney tunes nutbar backing insane as Michele Bachman or any of the other losers who show up on that side of the aisle.

Duly noted that Huntsman wandered away from the 2012 race and got hisself a good ole grift with none other than traitor Joe LIEbertoad. Now there's another match made in about the 7th circle of hell. Guess LIEbertoad's wife, Hadassah, isn't pulling in enough grift on her own, so Joe's gotta do the necessary to keep 'em rolling in the big buck$. Joe's never been shy of any grift that's come his way, no matter who's shoulders he rubs while doing it. Frankly, if it's GOP shoulders, so much the better.

Huntsman and LIEbertoad probably just got some good ole payola from the Donald, so of course they're happy to endorse him or whatever the eff it is they're doing. Washed up useless worthless sods that they are.

Robt said...

How is that "never Trump" uniting campaign going for the GOP'er?

Odd how most of the media has been letting it slip off the Teleee--Prompter they read from lately.

To put it softly, the establishment never Trump crowd are already lining up at the men's room with the glory hole. Waiting for Donald to appear/ That they might unite with Trump. It is more private this way. Like a Hastert secret.
Besides, this sort of act is illegal in public and it will be a privatized restroom at the Trump Tower.
Note; Trump may not be able to show. But he will get the most experienced best male porn star to substitute for the GOP.

Speaker Boehner, who had no spine to speak as speaker of the Cruz until he left.
Lindsey "I declare" Graham whimpering in his sorrowful weakness.
Big John Kasich, couldn't win more than one state against Trump. But he is strong smart and inevitably the strong winner.
Texas Ranger Cruz, who's every bit of punishing sinning liberals with every ounce of political authority for his base. Needs Carly on Viagra to make a last stand for him.

Senate majority Leader (R) Mitch McConnell and (R) chair Carly Grassly are so afraid of giving a minimum 25 year practicing Federal Judge with a strong record, advise and consent hearing. Because they are so afraid.
The case can be made of similarity between Bo Bergdahl going AWOL because he disagreed with the officer leadership.
Where the GOP in the Senate have gone AWOL because they disagree with the President.

But Bergdahl went AWOL to go to HQ at another site to file his complaint but was captured.
Where a as The GOP Senate aren't in harms way with their lives on the line.
NOt much difference.

So let these false icons of toughness as the Texas Ranger take their place in line to the men's room with the Glory hole. Waiting for Trump to appear.

Don't be surprised when Brooks, Hannity, Beck, Gershwin, Kristol and The Scarborough crowd are spotted at the front of the line. I am sure Mica can show Joe how it is done.

Grung_e_Gene said...

I thought this was a review of the new Charlize Theon, Jessica Chastain, Emily Blunt movie?!?!? Trump has No Labels save TRUMP!