Thursday, May 26, 2016

I'm Sure Trump Spokesperson Healy Baumgardener Has Skills

I just have no idea what those skills might be since they certainly have nothing to do with spokespersoning:


Jimbo said...

There are days - and more and more of them lately - where I feel like a minor character in somebody's extended mescaline hallucination.

Cirze said...

Next wife interview?

bowtiejack said...

OK, I've previously posted why I think we've got a case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder with the Trumpenator. But crazed megalomaniacs and the ilk frequently get very far before, if ever, things blow up on them.

However, here's a possible clue about how things might turn out in this case. Trump was originally advised by ace sleazeball Roger Stone (and a bunch of other people) and rejected their advice on how to do a political campaign. Instead he has made all the decisions and we've seen how that's turned out for him, which is pretty good so far - because he's Trump and you're not. And because as Senior Press Rep Healy Baumgardner puts it here: ". . . only Mr. Trump speaks for Mr. Trump!”

Now we've all seen those fabulous Youtube takeoffs on Bruno Ganz playing Hitler in The Bunker losing it over the pizza order being fouled up or whatever. I'm suggesting it may only be a question of time until in spite of Trump’s brilliance and superiority to all other organic material in the universe, nevertheless his Steiner will fail to show up with the pizza . . .

And when that happens Trump, the loser, will have been beaten by a girl!
Please google Narcissistic Personality Disorder to see how he might deal with that result. And now I must lay in more Garrett's popcorn.

Robt said...

Crash and burned? Compared to what?

Senior Press Rep, Healy Baumgardner performed her duty far superior than Trump's best top investigators he sent to Hawaii . In search of a birth enigma to attain badly needed attention.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

She's blond, young and skinny. What more skills does Drumpf need?

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Bowtie, I have read some background articles, indicating that Clinton has used the Obama campaign's infrastructure as a starting point, and they have a 50 state mechanism in place and ready to get into serious GOTV efforts. Meanwhile, Drumpf wants to just do big rallies and ignores the advice of the RNC and experienced political consultants; mainly because he jus a YUUUUGE intellect that has been able to bully his way to the top of the Republican pile of lessers....
The media is touting polls that make Trump look competitive, because a competitive horse race is good for bidness. But with his negatives with women, hispanics, African Americans, there just aren't enough bitter old white guys....

And when the electoral map is put into the mix, there is hardly a competition. But that doesn't fit into the Both Sides Democrats Are Just As Bad narrative that is the media's natural center point....

Dave McCarthy said...

ZRM scores the two truly important points, both named Voldemort:

"The media is touting polls that make Trump look competitive, because a competitive horse race is good for bidness."

"there just aren't enough bitter old white guys...."

bingo and ditto. I'm not thrilled with the prospect of President Clinton, but I'm not sweating in the least the notion that Drumpf will paint the white house gaudy gold.

Rehctaw said...

Qualifications??? Healy can suck start a Harley.

bowtiejack said...

I suspect that Drumpf, like a good sales type, had his minions research his target audience for a year or so to see what they were bitching about on call-in talk radio and the like. He then echoed it all back to them and voila! But you're right, eating taco bowls, etc. ain't gonna win enough others over in the face of the real numbers.

RUKidding said...

Good comments. Yeah, Baumgardener is young, blond, skinny. I think her "skill" is choosing to have the new "IT" haircut.

I have no proof, but include me in the crowd totally skeptical of polls that show Trump & Clinton/Sanders running neck and neck. I just don't believe it. The media has focused so intensely on Trump, on his every word, his every rally, that it looks like he's got this phenomenal following. If there was a "fair" media, you'd see similar sized - or larger - rallies for both Sanders and Clinton. But we don't see those, do we? Most of the time, we never hear about the Sanders rallies.

I feel that Sanders could handily beat Trump, too, should he somehow pull off the nomination. Not at all thrilled with Clinton, but given the choice, clearly she's the way to go.

Robt said...

When the sowed astro turf of the Tea Party rose out of the GW Bush era mushroom cloud. The new improved conservative labeling was provided all the free media time. Just like Drumpf is given.
Koch Bros. funded political satellites putting these tri corner hats on buses to transport them in front of willing cameras. Even the low turnouts were bolstered by the anxious willing media.
All the corporate product ads that came in to the cable networks for this free air time paid off in Quid pro Quo.
All the nay sayers of Trump in the primaries were not just wrong. Grossly exaggerated wrong.
Do not underestimate Trump and the GOP nor its voters. There is all the Vote suppression laws, cont cheating, issuing of provisional ballots never to be counted. The extreme lines and voting times as we saw in Arizona.
Calculate the Bernie or bust for Trump crowd.
Trump did get all the free press he desired over his GOP primary competitors and it was successful.
"if Hillary is elected and names the next SCOTUS Justice, the liberals will take your guns, force you to have gay sex, forced impregnation males and forced abortions for those impregnated males".
Because that is what Hillary, Dems and evil liberals do.
This works. Alex Jones has a following just as David Duke does. No, not enough of them alone. But combining them with the rst of the GOP insect Kingdom and they have a formidable coalition.
I suggest do not take trump as the casual clown.
If he is overwhelmingly beaten. Congress can flip as well.
Not even Reagan flip Congress with his electoral stomping. But if Hillary or Sanders routs.
There will be much wound licking by the GOP for some time.

Right now they have overstepped there duty by refusing to hear the presidents nominee for SCOTUS and are getting away with it. The media might mention it once in a while. We know, because we have seen the media screen every hour every day when a GOP president nominates Justices to the high court.
Anyone think that if Hillary was to win by a tight margin that the GOP Congress are going to be any different on the SCOTUS nomination by Hillary or say Sanders?
If so, I have tickets for a clown show coming to your area soon, to sell you.