Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Funniest Damn Headline Of The Day

From the Washington Post:
Could the GOP be facing an intellectual exodus?
I dunno, but I tend to think not.

After all, what outfit other than the GOP has such vast reserves of money and stupidity that it still pays actual money to intellectual giants like blabbing, always-wrong ghoul Bill Kristol and bag-of-spider-venom Rich Lowry and vinegar-fart-in-a-toupee George Will to make mouth noises in public?


Interrobang said...

In order for there to be an "exodus," wouldn't that imply there was some intellect in the GOP to start with?

CZHA said...

To what promised land would they go? And wouldn't any reasonable target perceive the Republican refugees as unwanted aliens?

dinthebeast said...

This one was just too damn easy.

-Doug in Oakland

steeve said...

Also, to have an "exodus", someone has to leave. Converting from conservative to both-siderist doesn't count as leaving.

RUKidding said...

The GOP has intellect? Yeah, too easy of a target. Maybe in days of yore but not for a very long time. Murdoch and Limbaugh put paid to any notions of intelligent signs of life in the GOP.

Where will these wandering GOPers go in their diaspora? Lemme know quick so I can make sure I make sure I go somewhere else!!

trgahan said...

leave and do what? Work for a living?!?! PPPPLLLLEEEEEAAASSSSEEE!

Especially since 2009 when the GOP's intellegencia just rebranded itself as a faux-libertarians, constitutional conservatives, etc. and still spouted the same bullshit, lies, and talking points as before.

Anonymous said...

Drezner: "The original neoconservatives, remember, started out as disaffected Democrats who migrated to the GOP — either temporarily (see Daniel Patrick Moynihan, pictured above) or Jeane Kirkpatrick. Is a reverse migration possible?"

No! No! No!!! For the love of all that is good in this world, no! Can't they just go off and form their own party, the Asswipe Party?

PS Troy writes: "If they scatter, the loss of conservative intellectuals as a somewhat unified force could mean the end of the era of the GOP as the party of ideas."

That is the most unintentionally funny sentence I have read in a long time.

Robt said...

"Could the GOP be facing an intellectual exodus?"

Did Snidely Whiplash ever, ever stop trying to tie Nell to the railroad tracks?

I think we are witnessing the reigns end of the Terminator class and the rise of the Louie Gohmert species.

It was inevitable after Citizens United and Mccutcheon decisions that cheap bobble heads will suffice in Congress (laying off the GOP robots) while the billionaire class get to play President. Trump proves that the billionaire Masters of the Universe no longer requires a front man to rule the country.
The GOP is becoming obsolete as we knew it. As will the Dem party if this corrupt money system in elections does not get corrected.
Corruption does not level out to even the keel. It gets more violent.

It is ashamed in a way that Scalia will not be around to see his masterpiece erode his ideology of conservative, libertarian authoritarianistic Oligarchy in its superNova collider.

Chan Kobun said...

"Vinegar-fart-in-a-toupee" is a stellar phrase and I feel I should tell you that, much like your other stellar phrases, I plan on shamelessly swiping it.