Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Today In Both Sides Do It: Ron Fournier, The Sad Clown of Centrism...Again

So it looks like this November -- excluding 3rd parties and any last-minute, kamikazindependent candidates -- American voters will very likely face a choice between a competent, Centrist Democrat with a long history of public service, who holds some positions with which I very much disagree or which she seems to have adopted at the last minute at the drive-thru window of the Lonesome Liberal Economic Policy Puppy Farm...

...and a pathologically lying con man and openly fascistic bigot who will wall off whatever parts of the Earth he can't bomb and plunder and might very well try to appoint Ted Nugent to the Supreme Court because fuck you, I'm the goddamn president now.

Or, as Ron Fournier puts it:
The Worst of All Worlds

What could be worse for a creaky, cancerous political system than a match between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump?
Oh noes!

Really.  The worst?   The actual worst?

Sadly, yes...
This is as bad as it gets.
As bad as it gets?   Oh my stars and garters!  Hillary Clinton must be far and away the worst human being the Democratic party ever produced for the choice between her and Il Douche to qualify for "as bad as it gets".  Do go on, Ron Fournier

This is not to suggest equivalence: The candidates are not equally revolting. But...
Really?  Because literally all you do for living, Ron, is "suggest equivalence".  On every fucking subject.  Every god damn day of the week. 

How bad is it?

Why it's so bad that Ron's Very Good Friend -- disgraced Bush re-election chief and born-again Both Siderist sock-puppet Matthew Dowd -- agrees with him
My friend Matthew Dowd, a former political consultant who now works for ABC News, said Tuesday’s results show just how “corrupt and broken” the political system has become. Even if the most experienced and, arguably, most qualified candidate wins in November, Dowd said via email: “Hillary won’t be able to govern, and the GOP is past its expiration date. Democrats are closing in on theirs.”
And then, because the name "Ron Fournier" has now become synonymous with the "lazy Both Siderist chuckleheadery", comes the obligatory, peevish, preemptive dismissal of his critics as idiots...because Both Sides!
A column like this will trigger torrents of manufactured outrage and exaggerations. From the left: How dare you compare Clinton to that bigoted, bullying empty suit of a man? And from the right: ARE YOU NUTS? She’s not qualified! She’d destroy America!
America's Sad Clown of Centrism left any pretense of professional integrity in a dumpster at the edge of town years ago.

He has never looked back.


RUKidding said...

I'm not a Clinton fan, but the only reason why Clinton may not "be able to govern" is soley and only if the GOP continues in full obstructionist kamikaze mode, which is likely. Even then, like Obama, Clinton will find the means to govern.

Look, I will probably disagree with a lot that Clinton does; that's just me. But do I think that Clinton is somehow "incompetent" or "not ready" or whatever other both siderist bullshit this pathetic puke is trying to imply? Hell no. Clinton is clearly ready and able to do the job, and whether I like her not, she has, in most ways, put in the time and done her homework.

And so, there you go. Yet another day with smirking simpering Fournier somehow attempting to prove his wisdom in all things political by saying that, somehow, somewhere, in some as yet unseen way, the D Team is "imploding" in exactly the same way that the GeeOhPee is.

Wishful thinking.

Niccki said...

And they wonder why Trump is in the lead with raving idiots like this babbling. I was thinking it was Koolaid, but now I'm sure it's Magic Mushrooms, cause they have lost their friggin minds.

trgahan said...

The person who reads this shit and say "huh, Ron is definitely an astute political analyst" should have their voting rights revoked.

But given his "torrent of manufactured" comment, my guess is he may only be getting haters these days. Though funny the right will apparently only lambast him for Hillary "support" (what he wrote was support?!?!) and not including Trump as part of the worst. Cause like all Both Siders, it is really the Liberals fault after all.

Karen Rea said...

Might I add that DWS, worst DNC chair in memory, should make a full court press on re-taking the Senate. Is that asking too much? With 24 seats up for grabs, should Clinton win (please, dear Lord), she would not have the same obstructionism that our completely decent, intelligent, and patient-beyond-belief President has had to put up with in the last 3 years+. If Elvis is to be put to good use, put him out on the trail for our Senate candidates. I don't see where he's helping that much with Hillary, and to tell the truth, there is no way that Rubio, Santorum, Huckabee, Carson, etc. voters are going to cross over and vote for Hillary in the General. This assumes that their nativism, racism, cruelism (calling Colbert), sexism, and all zombie-person-isms do not make any of them uncomfortable because, you know, Democrats do stuff too. Really, they do. Nativism? Ha!! Dems want Mexico to join the Union. (I read that somewhere, maybe Lou Dobbs?). Racism? Democrats hate white people! Look at their snide attitude toward busty blondes in short skirts...Foxes on Fox. Need I say more? And oh, by the way, Democratic women don't shave their armpits or legs or even those other revolting hairy spots. What am I supposed to say? I read it on the internet. Disgusting.

Cruelism (tm). Well, as we all know, ALL Negroes, Mexicans (oh shut up about "Latinos", they're fucking Mexicans), Muslims, (Did you know that all middle-easterners hate us?) Someone told me that there are Oriental slant-eyes that are Muslims. What the hell is that? How long has this been going on? Okay, they're fucking outsiders.

Now what do we do about these fucking poor people? Okay, maybe some people shouldn't die because they can't afford health insurance. But what the hell did they do with their life? They're losers. But you know, I love them. They can't help being stupid. They'll vote for me because...oh fuck, I don't know, but I sure as shit now how to make you feel like heroes because you will vote for a

Jimbo said...

The public Ron "Severe Dementia" Fournier was born of the Village, lives in the Village and is the Village's "familiar". No one pays any attention to his monotonous BothSiderism outside the Village except to mock him (and the passage cited in Drfiftglass' post is far and away the most bizarre yet). The man needs to be hospitalized.

proverbialleadballoon said...

It's the worst of all worlds for them because they are likely faced with a no-win situation. Tuesday pretty much cemented Trump, he's got a better than half chance of getting the 1200-some delegates needed for the nomination, and if he doesn't get there he's going to be really close. So if they try to broker the convention or not, they're damned if they do, damned if they don't. Pick Trump and probably get beat in the election, or pick Cruz, their base will go apeshit, and they'll definitely get beat in the election.

And the person doing the probable beating will be Hillary Clinton. Not just any old democrat that they can hate, but one that's been at the top of their enemies list for a generation. Like rubbing their noses in it.

Equals the worst of all worlds.

Robt said...

No RON, the worst , I mean the worst election is a choice between Trump or Cruz.

Not Clinton or Trump. More with the inevitable Clinton. Yes Hillary is ahead with a good lead. There are a lot more delegates out there to get.

The supe delegates are a separate thing. Will come in to pllay at the convention.

I do think it odd that all the networks total Hillary's won delegates with the super delegates that makes her present total much higher.

It may turn out Hillary the victor. To be clear, she is my 2nd choice.

Questions for ron;
*have both sides declared on a opposition presidents inauguration that, "their #1 goal is to make the president a one term president? Even if it means making America fail?

*Has both sides out right denied to hear any SCOTUS nominee(s) of a president?

*Has both sides spent time and money suppressing the vote?

Just asking Ron.

Batocchio said...

You may have add a date to the titles or otherwise number these, given the sad bounty of material. Gawd, what a tool is Ron Fournier.

Dave McCarthy said...

"As bad as it gets"...

Gosh, that almost sounds like hyperbole...

engulfedinflames said...

As I have pointed out, on occasions too numerous to mention, over a time frame analogous to dripping water on a rock, These people can not hear themselves.
Any responsibility is denied through passive language, ("the political system has become").
All ties to reality have been severed; haven't we just suffered more than seven years of "the destruction of America" by "the worst president in history"?
There is no need to manufacture outrage when the insane are given a forum and the rational among us, vindicated time after time, continue to be marginalized.
The outrage is real, no exaggeration is necessary,
The anger exists even if we choose to not "punch anyone in the face".

Unknown said...

@Jimbo - great to see my nickname reaching a larger audience. Also totally agree that he needs to be hospitalized and checked out for head trauma. But fair warning, if you advise him to do this on Twitter and reassure him that he has friends like Karl "Keep Up the Fight" Rove to help him through his illness, he'll block you.

Yesterday I expressed cautious optimism that Ron "Severe Dementia" Fournier was starting the long, hard journey away from his empty-headed Both Siderist pedantry. If nothing else, out of self-preservation now that the Vulgar Talking Yam is threatening to demolish the rickety, dilapidated, termite infested Both Sides redoubt he and his fellow tools have been hiding in all these years.

Obviously my optimism was premature. Or perhaps he's lashing out before acceptance sinks in and he realizes he needs new material if he wants to keep his Village cred up to date. Either way, that article is a dumpster fire of fail, even by Ron "Severe Dementia" Fournier standards.

Snowwy said...

The thing that gets me, and that no one in the comments has yet mentioned, is how Fournier just breezes past Dowd's “Hillary won’t be able to govern..." without so much as the slightest hint of curiosity as to WHY Hillary won't be able to govern.

But then again, if he bothered to look at that at all he wouldn't be able to keep up the Both Siderist pretense. Because the only reason HRC would not be able to govern is because the GOP would go even more mad trying to stop her than they went trying to stop Obama. Absent Republican obstruction, the degree of harm HRC would likely do to the country would be hugely outstripped by the good- and no enabler of the right can have that. They would rather blow up the WORLD than have someone prove them wrong. About anything.