Saturday, March 05, 2016

Today In Both Sides Do It: Jacob Weisberg

From Slate:
An Eclectic Extremist

Donald Trump’s distinctly American authoritarianism draws equally from the wacko right and wacko left...

Jacob Weisberg is the chairman & editor-in-chief of The Slate Group.

It's in the pipes now.  In the ground water.


Robt said...

Does Trump draw from confused individuals, may be?

From the lack of Trump's use of the racial dog whistle. We all can hear it. The GOP is upset because they thought employing the dog whistle , they could rile the racist base without fan fare. One can tell by the openness of the Trump Racists supporters. Unapologetically, that the 30 year cat is out of the proverbial racist bag.

It is possible the Donald dog whistle has culled some racists that might lean Democratic. It is more likely they need that facade to justify the Klan and supremacist organizations worshiping The rise of the supreme race Authoritarianism.
Looking for that daddy that will beat and abuse them.
Most of all, of the GOP candidates. My question has been "who will they punish and in what order if elected"?

Michael Sweeney said...

How is it that they never have an actual example of "whacko left", an actual concrete name who said or did something distinctively leftist? And if they had that, how would it tie into Trump?

RUKidding said...

I also wonder who comprises the so-called "whacko left" that is referenced often. That label could maybe be used factually - depending on how one defines "whacko" - back in the '60s and '70s, in the aftermath of Civil Rights, the rise of the Black Panthers, SNICC, various Anti-VN war movements, the Weather Underground, etc.

I lived through all of that, and I didn't find most of these leftist groups that whacko with some exceptions (the Weather Underground bombings excepted). But certainly the demonization of such groups began immediately, even as Hoover's Fibbies infiltrated groups and encouraged and led many radical actions that the groups would not have done without them. A lot of the violence that started at many demos came from Hoover's outside agitators, which has also been the case subsequently over the years.

Occupy? Whacko? Well certainly that was how the M$M rushed to mis-characterize Occupy, as well as falsely accusing everyone involved as being a lousy lazy leftwing freeloader looking for a free handout, blah de blah.

Of course, we all remember the Tea Party - paid for and ginned up by the Koch bros, Glenn Beck and others - who acted out in the summer of 2009. But IOKIYAR (or Tea Party) if you openly pack heat at rallies, attack and spit on black politicians, and the like, plus disrupt many Town Hall meetings with petulant screaming and tantrum throwings. Oh but THAT is not whacko. That is exercising one's First Amend rights and telling the truth!

Now it's Black Lives Matter who are "whackos" and probably called liberals, too. And I did see something today where some Trump supporter whined about how the "liberal media" never ever reports on the terrible liberals who have the effrontery to protest at Trump rallies and it's THEM who are causing problems. Yes, whacko left, I suppose for having the temerity to believe that they are entitled to First Amend rights.

It's only the white Xian hetreo males who have those rights, doncha know?

No, one rarely gets any real definition or examples of who the "whacko left" is, except when something dynamic happens, like an Occupy sit-in/demo, or a Black Lives Matter demo, or similar.

Otherwise: crickets.

But both siderism is what is, and it's an article of much faith amongst the true believer dittoheads on the right. Gives them much comfort to blame all the ills of the world on the "whacko left," who have forever more ruined everything, and it's why we can't all have nice things anymore.

Just don't look at the parasitical rapacious plundering pillaging billionaires behind that thar curtain!!!111!!!

Grayson Mendenhall said...

"They're comin' outta the fuckin' walls!"

David Davis said...

"I think, maybe, sometimes, in certain circumstances, it's possible Capitalism might not be the optimal solution to everything"