Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Punch and Judy and Mika

Joe Scarborough "interviewing" Ron Fournier on MSNBC booking policy (Of course we put Donald Trump on the air a million times. He calls in. I mean, what are we supposed to do?) "journalism" (We ask Donald Trump many hard questions, such as "Would you like me to use more lube, Mr. Trump"?) and why Both Sides are always equally to blame for everything (something something Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton something something) generated enough comedy gold to keep an entire comedy village fed, clothed and sheltered for six generations.

Watch at your own risk:

Everyone facing the camera knows this is a puppet show, a fraud, a game, a farce, a travesty, a grotesque parody and they do not care. Because above all, it's a paycheck.

They serve other, hidden masters, and those hidden masters have other priorities.


Unknown said...

As I noted in last night's Sad Clown of Centrism post, it appears that the Both Siderists, who are morons but not completely braindead like the GOP base they've been condescending to for 30 years, are alarmed at the possible collapse of the Both Sides edifice they've spent so long hiding within and anxiously trying to figure out what their new grift will have to be if the Both Sides scam can't survive the Trumpocalypse.

But Ron "Severe Dementia" Fournier, who took it upon himself to take the lead in floging the email non-story to death, burying it, digging it back up again, and flogging it some more, won't let this thing end without a fight and let his dogged Hillary-smearing work go to waste. So he's quietly retired his "Obama can't leeeeaaaad" column macro (for now), and replaced it with a piping hot "ZOMG I can't believe this Trump business, butbutBUT Hillary's a dishonest harpy! Both sides 4ever!" While of course avoiding any self-reflection or responsibility for the madness he dutifully helped to stir up with his 7-year fire hose-strength stream of false equivalence bullshit.

keith gargus said...

I couldn't finish the video. Between Fournier and the duo of dimwits, it was too much for a delicate flower child like me. Thanks for keeping watch on these miscreants so I don't have to.

RUKidding said...

I'm not a HRC fan, but really, that was just disgusting. I could only watch about the first 90 seconds. Mika's "impassioned" reading of Frum's scribblings was puke-making, and Joe beginning to publically fluff a smirking, condescending Fournier is beyond my capability to witness further than a couple of seconds. Please! My eyes, my eyes!

Yes, they serve billionaires behind the scenes, and what the billionaires are paying for at this point is... I don't know. Does the 1% think these pigs with their snouts in the trough are truly "earning" their pay?

This is Exhibit A of why I chucked out my TV a long time ago. But then, I'm a stupid DFH, so what do I know?

Alfred Lehmberg said...

None of these persons could possibly own a mirror. Where they can they must only be clever. Carrion. Eating. Reptiles.

Blue Dog Don said...

It took clicking on to "Labels: scarborough" to get to the referenced video. The video on your daily page is the "Vase" scene from the Matrix. The "Vase" scene was more informative and interesting than the Ron and Joe gab fest. Thanks for that.