Tuesday, March 08, 2016

It's Still The Economy, Stupid

As of this writing, Secretary Hillary Clinton still has a commanding lead in the delegate contest, and has earned every bit of it.

But it turns out that Bill Clinton's 1992 election strategy of "focusing like a laser" on the economy still has enormous resonance 24 years later with people who have been screwed, blued and tattooed by our rigged system.

Senator Sanders took that message to America's capital of de-industrialization and tomb of the American dream and told them that settling for a future of triangulation, crooked trade deals and amnesty for Wall Street hoodlums wasn't good enough anymore.  And voters responded.

So good on him.

Also both Democratic candidates continue to conduct themselves with light-years more substance and honor than the entire GOP field.  

So good on (almost) all of us.  


Kevin Holsinger said...

Good morning, Mr. Glass.

Democratic fighting = Captain America: Civil War
Republican fighting = Aliens vs. Predator? Gangs of New York? Freddy vs. Jason?

Be seeing you.

bluicebank said...

It is a bad sign for the supposed Liberal media that they have been nearly forced to acknowledge that there is even a contest afoot in the Democratic nomination process. Sure, we can all laugh now about how they couldn't see the GOP Clown Car coming down the tracks, sparking off the rails.

But just about now, I discerned that publications like the Washington Post might heretofore reference the Democratic race as having two contenders. (As I have caught them numerous times before NOT doing). Not that such compares to the MSN's Pavlovian free-slavering attention to the Short Fingered Vulgarian on the other side of the greased tracks.

Only recently did I notice that some Old Editor at the Gray Lady, who hasn't yet been fired, managed to get the headline writers, at least, to mention more than one New Yorker in the race. Could be a thing written in their style book, I don't know.

Meanwhile, over at the once mighty Velvet Coffin, the Los Angeles Times has comes to journalistic ruin, leading lately with a rusty knife from the scene of ... wait for it ... the O.J. Simpson ... stop me if you heard this joke before.

In their coverage of the presidential race, methinks the LAT has poached the best from USA Today, which has the best fry cooks this side of Phoenix.

Fritz Strand said...

Hillary has many positives qualities going for her and I will vote for her if nominated. But.....

Bernie is signaling that we must end the Reagan economy of stock buy back, taxes structured for execute pay, monopoly capitalism and brain dead (and unconstitutional) 'trade deals' etc., etc..

Hillary's positions on all these issues are way to lawyerly. And yes there is a difference between nuanced and lawyerly.

BTW Bernie's break up the banks vs Hillary's more and better regulations and regulators is a long standing debate. Bernie could argue that his position actually pushes for more 'market based solutions' by splitting banking along the lines of 'natural' market conflicts (like Glass-Steagall) therefore leading to more market regulation via competition. Like I said, nothing really new.

RUKidding said...

No surprises at the almost uniform media black out of Sanders' very successful campaign from our so-called "liberal media." Yeah, right. Allegedly commie National Propaganda Radio has a hard time ever acknowledging the existence of Sanders, and when they do deign to mention his dreaded name, it's usually to put some negative spin on his wins... all while hyping up and cheering leading anything that Clinton does.

I'm not a Clinton fan at all. I confess my biases, but really the media's suckitude is obvious. I have my reservations about Sanders, but I feel that, at the very least, he is providing a true public service by attempting to educate citizens about what's going on, as well as offering some very viable (detractions to the contrary) solutions to those problems. Like minds may disagree about Sanders' solutions, but they are viable.

Someone said on another blog that Sanders offers positive solutions while Clinton offers more of the same. That's the way I see it, too. I very much want Sanders to remain firmly in the race and getting the message out for as long as possible. And who knows? Maybe he'll get to the GE after all. If so, I'll vote for him.

And yes, a breath of fresh air, no matter what, to witness two intelligent adults behaving like real political candidates offering considered solutions to problems. It's a yuuuuuge contrast to the KKKLown KKKar, that's for damn sure.

Jimbo said...

Fritz: Agree with you on Bernie's positions but none of it matters one bit if the Democrats can't win the HOR (Senate definitely seems doable if they can find decent candidates). At best, Bernie/Hilary will have a bully pulpit (also SCOTUS picks, which is very important).

Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

I don't think the USA has changed enough since 1972 that a "hippie candidate" can win the White House now, so I fear that if Sanders wins the Democratic nomination, we could get Donaldus Trumpus Caesar in November.

The GOP Attack Machine has mostly left Sanders alone so far. What happens if he wins the nomination, and the Machine goes after him? He has some--ahem--eccentricities in his past which could provide rich veins of material for attack ads.

Note: "Donaldus Trumpus Caesar" is derived from the same obscure dialect of Latin as the taxonomic classifications "Acceleratii Incredibilis" and "Carnivorous Vulgaris".

Lawrence said...

@Ivory Bill
That's a bit unfair to old Gaius Julius to compare him to Trump. If David Brooks, Reince Preibus, and Marco Rubio stab him to death next week I'll give it to you. But the villain you are looking for is Nero. Shady real estate deals, megalomania, thuggery. It's all there.

Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...


*speaks without words matching lip movements*

Your Rome Fu is stronger than mine. ^_^

waldo said...

He has some--ahem--eccentricities in his past which could provide rich veins of material for attack ads.

Whereas Shillary Billary of course has no skeletons in her knickers drawer, no corporate zombies strolling around her mansion and is the nicest most authentic person evah! It's hard to believe she's even a politician!
“I am not a natural politician like Bill Clinton or Barack Obama,”

That's why she only took $675,000 from Goldman Sachs and $20,000,000 from those other corporate clowns; for her down-home aw-shucks simple-little-small-town-girl homilies who's workin' for the simple folks.!

Anyone in the US that doesn't vote for Bernie is a deluded simpleton, and as DG points out every day, there's no shortage of those in Amerikkka.

Patrick said...

See, whenever someone tells me BernieBros don't exist, I point em to people like waldo. They're just so good at talking to people who are still on the fence!

Pro-tip, waldo: trying to convince people (ON YOUR SIDE) to vote for your candidate by calling them "deluded clowns" and directly comparing them to racist Republican voters is not a winning strategy.

Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

@Patrick: Thanx for saving me the effort. ^_^

andydelinjc said...

Waldo seems to have internalized every Republican attack on the Clintons over the past 25 years and added a nice bit of ad hominem mustard sauce. My bet is that he's also too young to remember Nader and the 2000 election although we are still living with the consequences. I have yet to hear a Hillary supporter, of whom I am one, say they would not vote for Sanders if he wins the nomination.
Yet the Berniebros are often full of this adolescent narcissism that can't see the qualities that made HRC one of the most admired women in the world in 2014 before she decided to run for President. Bet your last dollar that most of the world sees her as much more capable of being a good and decent President than Bernie, whose foreign policy expertise and general attitudes have yet to be tested. I thank Patrick and Ivory Bill for not letting that bullsh*t go unanswered.

starskeptic said...

@Ivory Bill Woodpecker
A "hippie candidate" didn't lose in '72 - a popular president and a good economy won...