Sunday, March 06, 2016

How Conservatives Win

Reposted from five years ago because these people never, ever learn.

You hate Liberals, right?

Well, do you know what would make those
damn Liberals
really crazy?

Picking up that gun.

And then putting it in your mouth.

And then pulling the trigger.

Oh yes.

Liberals will hate that
more than anything ever!

Or maybe you don't really hate Liberals?

Maybe you secretly love them!

Maybe you secretly want to have
gay Muslim sex with them!!

You hate Liberals, right?

Each year in America, there is a sucker Conservative voter born every minute.

Please give generously to help us find a cure.


bowtiejack said...

Charles Pierce apparently thinks Cruz should be taken a lot more seriously than he has been.
It occurs to me that re-reading Heinlein's If This Goes On might be good preparation for a Cruz administration.
Interestingly, in the novel President Jeremiah Scudder had consolidated his power and abolished elections by, wait for it, 2016!
Jes' saying.

crweaver said...

For God's sake, DON'T DO IT, Jim Bob!

Kathleen O'Neill said...

Day 467 waiting for President Obama to tell Rethuglicans drinking bleach is bad for them.

David V. DeRosa said...

Trump panders for the Driftglass vote:

Anonymous said...

Naww, son. Thar ain't no way a Real 'Murikan's gonna pick up no pink gun.

Still, it would be nice if Obama made a great big anti-suicide campaign the showcase of his last year in office. Maybe he could even film some PSA's with Hillary...