Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Friendship Is The Booze They Feed You

Somewhere along the line, mesmerized by all that money. Politico somehow forgot that they're basically nothing but Republican star-fuckers and camp followers, just as David Brooks managed to forget that he is not, in fact, Conservatism Personified, but merely one of the valets that Conservatism hired to make their ideological abattoir look classy.

And then one day, that Rough Beast finally arrived, his hour come round at last, slouching towards Cleveland to be born. And this guy, he feels no need to play a game of lets-pretend with the sycophants and footmen of the political class. He likes slapping the butler around.  He likes using the broken careers of his slain rivals as throw rugs and footstools.

POLITICO reporter denied access to Trump event

POLITICO reporter Ben Schreckinger was denied entry to Donald Trump's press conference on Tuesday night, despite having previously been granted credentials by the campaign.

The move followed a threat last week from Trump officials to exclude POLITICO reporters from campaign events.

On Tuesday morning, Schreckinger, who has covered the campaign regularly for more than six months, received an email granting him credentials for Trump's speech and press conference at his Mar-a-Lago club in Florida that evening. But less than 10 minutes later, another email arrived saying those same credentials were denied. Upon arriving at Trump's private club, he was denied entry and escorted off of the property...
Mr. Trump will summon you if he needs you.

Otherwise, make yourself scarce loser.


bowtiejack said...

You express very well what I have long thought.
That what we today call the Beltway or the Village is simply the current iteration of the medieval courtier class.
[Which probably speaks to some innate quality of primate psychology to always have an ample supply of ass kissers and foot lickers for whoever is currently on top.]
One day a barbarian (Genghis Khan or the Huns or whoever) shows up and their tissue-thin pretensions, status and whole meaning in life are shredded in an instant. It's so unfair!

Anonymous said...

Trumpists viscerally hate the press, even at times their own. This is exactly how Trump gains converts. Well just one of the ways actually.

RUKidding said...

This! This is what all of these ass-clown pundit/courtiers are so mortally afeared of! This! Being denied entrance to the rich and powerful, pretending that the rich and powerful actually value them and look on them as equals (ha ha ha ha), and most importantly, loosing their position on the rightwingnut gravy train!!

Oh my! Whatever shall Schreckinger do now? Get a real jawb? The horror! the horror!

Real jawbs are for the proles. How icky is that? I'm not one of those low-life scum who has to work for a living. Perish the thought!

DFB must be shitting himself about now.

trgahan said...

its been funny watching these last few week as the paid propagandists and hacks who in print/on camera pine for "outsider candidate" get slapped in the face by The 2 by 4 of Reality from an actual candidate not beholden to the current Beltway/Media power structure.

The courtier class faced with a barbarian take over is so apt as these hucksters claw each other to find a place in the coming new normal for conservative politics whether Trump wins or loses.

Lit3Bolt said...

Mr. Carson: "I don't know, Ms. Hughes, I don't care to see our family's name dragged through the mud."

Ms. Huges: "But they're not our family, Mr. Carson."

Mr. Carson: "They're all the family I've got."

Poor poor David Brooks and Politico and all their ilk. It surely must be a shock to the system to discover than you're still a servant, even after years of loyal service.

Jeff Olson said...

Say what we will, Donald Trump understands how the game is played. We are, in fact, watching a master at work. And, it should scare the hell out of everyone.

He seems to not just understand the prime directive of broadcast journalism on some intellectual level. He is practicing it. With the effortless fluidity of a man born for this.

Lesson one: Journalists will not ask hard questions, speak truth to power or use 'facts' and 'research' and call bullshit because, as Driftglass has pointed out until he is hoarse and we deaf, "they will not come on the program."

Trump is practicing exactly this. Politico takes an 'Anybody but Trump position? Fuck them." He stops them cold. He did it with Fox, he is doing it with Politico. He will fucking well do it to MSNBC, CNN and the NYTimes.

Lesson two: Facts do not matter. Mouth noise and image matter. seven and eight syllable phrases, on a silk screened on a foam trucker's cap or a bumper sticker - repeated until we are numb. Move on, attack, shift, hit, repeat.

Lesson three: 'Some say, some said' is the media's response to lies. There is no other cost. You do not lose voters by making shit up. You lose by getting defensive and pissy. You lose when you have to explain shit. You lose when you are wonky and thoughtful and refer to sources outside of your gut.

Lesson four: from Florida in 2000 - declaring yourself the winner is the first step to winning. Set the agenda by speaking first. Move the agenda by whatever means moves that agenda. Then, declare victory and move the fuck on. Before the swamp gas clears, before the people cowering on the battlefield realize you were shooting off pyrotechnics, not artillery, you move the battlefield somewhere else, set the cans and blow the fucking whistle.

This is where we are.

And now, if Driftglass's Smarmy of North Virginia decides to try to do anything, if Squint and the Meat Puppet try to rise - Trump has already hamstrung them, the conspiracy to destroy him has already been planted in his own ranks - and the damned liberal media, the Communists and Muslims are up to their old tricks of destroying America.

And damned if it isn't beautiful - in the way of evil genius. Trump pledged to support the Republican nominee. On TV. In front of his adoring fans. And Rubio? And Romney? and Priebus? They will be brought to the real party line even before he sets his sights on the general election.

Jeff in Norway.

Redhand said...

Trump's savaging of Chris Christie is extraordinary. It reminds me of some of the intentional degradations and brutalities visited upon fallen nobles by other nobles in "Game of Thrones."

It almost makes me feel sorry for Christie, except that the arrogant son of a bitch so richly deserves it. I mean, why mourn Ernst Röhm when the long knives finally catch up with him?

I also enjoyed Trump tearing into DFB. I'm sure that will induce a pucker factor in the house conservative philosopher.

However, none of these actions of Trump would motivate me to vote for him even if I were right wing. Like an oath to the Führer, it's clear that a vote for Donald Trump is a ballot for someone with the social conscience and self-awareness of a T-Rex. Once in power, he would be just as likely to shit on the people who put him there as he is to now trash the courtier press who tut-tut about his rise, and the political sycophants who support him.

"Face it Flounder, your fucked up. You trusted us."