Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Abby Someone Joins The @Morning_Joe Bag-Shanty of Corpulent Egos and Dessicated Souls

Yes, Republicans, you really did just put an abnormal brain into a --

-- seven and a half foot long, fifty-four inch wide electoral gorilla.

Around the internets, the scalding light of buyer's remorse seems to be slowly seeping into the deep underground bunkers where the Reasonable Republicans hang out. From someone named Steven Skeldon at HuffPo:

This Is Not My Republican Party

An Open Letter to America

My fellow Americans,

As a Republican, I'm sorry. We have failed you, as a party, and as individuals.

We didn't see this coming, and we absolutely should have. We should have been able to see what the instigators of frustration and outrage were fomenting within our base. We should have understood the implications of the last eight years, the rise of the Tea Party, and that its foundational frustration and obstinacy towards progress would lead to a monster of our own creation. We didn't, and now it's here.

But please believe me when I tell you that it is not what we stand for as a party, no matter how it may seem on the surface. This is not what I was raised to be a part of, and it embarrasses me to see what our public face has become today.

The Republican Party I know and belong to is not xenophobic...

An Open Letter to Steven Skeldon,

The Republican Party you know and belong to has only ever existed in the Whig masturbatory fantasies of Very Important Conservative Public Intellectuals like David Brooks, so unless you can lay your hands on a fucking time machine, at this late date I am not interested in your fucking apologies.

But don't worry your little, Republican head excessively, because we Liberals will clean up your mess.


And we will be relentlessly slandered and ignored while we do it.


However if you would like to make things square between us, you can do us one small favor.  Would you and everyone like you please, once and for all, shut the fuck up and go away.  And whether that means simply putting down your keyboard and staying out the the adult's way while we try to fix what you destroyed or loading up the pockets of your Bush/Cheney '04 team jacket with stones and taking a Virginia Woolf stroll into the sea, I could not care less.





bowtiejack said...

Nailed it.

Kevin Holsinger said...

So, Mr. Glass. We meet again.

ONE: "The world must not lose a magnificent brain like mine!"
---Doctor Doom

TWO: Leader of zombie base announces he's got a very good brain. Can't see how this could go wrong.

Be seeing you.

RUKidding said...

One thing: you cannot make me watch those two apparently humanoid entities on that video. I wasted millions of brain cells yesterday watching that horror yesterday. Won't happen again. Fool me once, etc.

Yeah well the apologias can come and go, and frankly, they mean bupkiss because WHEN the D candidate, which is now 99% gonna be HRC (not my choice but there you have it), wins the GE in November, I guarantee that these losers will be right back ON IT stat.

And we'll be regaled for the next 4 to 8 years with even worse than what we got with Obama. The rightwing XENOPHOBIC, homophobic, bigoted, misogynistic, racist, hateful base has been trained (some of them since birth) to HATE, LOATHE and DESPISE Hillary to the nth degree. And they're being PROMISED as I write that Clinton will be indicted VERY SOON and cannot serve from a prison cell.

There is NO WAY in hell that the 1% is gonna stop now. No way, nuh uh. So we'll experience R-Team Obstructionism on steroids.

You read it here first. If I'm wrong, then it'll be a happy day, but I find that outcome highly unlikely. Just saying....

I cannot believe that any of these losers will ever learn any "lessons" from this. They are that stupid and egotistical and narcissistic. It's a disease with these people.

keith gargus said...

So to project into the dystopian future a bit, I feel much better about a Drumpf administration thanks to his 'brain'. His probable cabinet or WH staff would be of no use anyway, not that he would listen to them. I expect his selections for advisers would be lickspittle's, handservants, and media clowns. After all, this is all about adoration of maybe the most insecure person in politics. He needs all the attention he can get...and then some.

Hubert Vale said...

One and done!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I don't want your fucking worthless and insincere apology. First all of the GOP reactionaries have to publicly debase themselves for backing that idiot W. We are still waiting for that one. Then you all have to publicly engage in a mass flagellation for calling dissenters traitors. And after that you can openly and slowly eat your own feces on national TV to represent your repentance for the loyalty to party over country during just the last eight years. Before that, since I am a kind and forgiving person, I'll give you a pass. But that's the only one you get.

Robt said...

The new MSNBC snapshot;

Last night Tweety discussing the primary votes brought in HEW HEWITT.

Who came on to plug his reason of primary voter anger. (as if only conservatives for Trump are angry)).

Hewey got in his dig at Obama by saying.

- Americans are angry and (stuff) with the direction of Obama and the little he does.-----

Of course Tweety let it go without mentioning the DO Nothing but Obstruct the President at the failure of the United States by the GOP controlled Congress.

It won't be long before Alex Jones has a bi partisan show on MSNBC..............

engulfedinflames said...

RE: Steven Skeldon. nicely done. As i read it earlier today I was frothing and rending garments.
Their hubris goes so far beyond anything I thought possible that I am speechless. Fortunately,you are not.

Jimbo said...

Poor Steven Skeldon, he lives in an imaginary world of "Leave it to Beaver" Republican suburbia. In fact, the decent GOP was a fragmentary thing. From its founding in 1856 in WI through the Civil War to Lincoln's assasination it was a heroic party. Then from A. Johnson to McKinley's assasination, it was the party of business cronyism, massive corruption, bank scandals and depressions, excepting only Grover Cleveland's 2 terms (Dem). Then the 2nd good GOP episode was TR's two terms, which were assisted by "progressive" Democrats and Republicans. After that, Taft was harmless but Harding (horribly corrupt), Coolidge (leaderless) and Hoover (checked out despite the Depression) dragged the country down again. I don't actually regard Eisenhower as a true Republican since he was unaffiliated before he was drafted by the GOP in a desperate measure to get someone credible. Then, Nixon, Reagan and the two Bushes: all dragging America down again. With the exception of a few very brief periods, the GOP has been a disaster for the USA.

Mister Roboto said...

I would say to Mr. Skeldon, now would be a good time to stop kidding yourself about the fact that the GOP has in recent history relied on some pretty, shall we say, unhinged elements in American society in order to win elections. The first step to remedying a major mistake is admitting the mistake!