Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Trump Celebrates His Big Win With The Faithful On The Vegas Strip


Marilee Driscoll said...

Excellent comparison, my favorite King novel. Had a knot in the pit of my stomach while watching!

waldo said...

Gary Sinese sure has done some stinkers but Forrest Trump?

'That’s what fantasies are for, to help us imagine that things are better than they are.' Roger Ebert, film critic

Robt said...

An extravaganza that would only be equaled by Ted Cruz..........

My best diagnosis at this time,
An angry anus directly causes poor vision and hearing.

I would prescribe medical marijuana 4 times a day for Trump supporters, but I am not a doctor in Colorado.

Neo Tuxedo said...

♫ He's seeing, he's calling
His legacy he's spawning
He's coming, corrupting
Among the living
I'm the Walkin' Dude
♫ I can see all the world ♫
Twist your minds with fear
I'm the man with the power, among the living
Follow me or die...

-- Anthrax, 1987

Anonymous said...

OMG. That is creepy. King was so explicit in describing the characters in "The Stand" as being morally weak and drifting to the refurbished Las Vegas almost as if their will was not strong enough to resist the gravitational pull of The Walkin Man.

I guess its the same with the current Republicans. To be a Republican currently you have to have a character defect. Greed. Racism .General hate. Or maybe all of them Katie.