Saturday, February 27, 2016

Today In Republican Detachment Disorder News: David Frum

For those unfamiliar with his work, David Frum currently enjoys a recurring role as the wacky-but-cagey unshaven Both Siderist Conservative hobo on MSNBC, a role he has played with greater frequency ever since MSNBC decided to switch its business model to "Drive away as many Liberal viewers as possible".

Before that, Mr. Frum was a speechwriter for George W. Bush and writer of several books including "The Right Man: An Inside Account of the Bush White House", which Amazon blurbs in part as follows:
...Frum worked with President Bush in the Oval Office, traveled with him aboard Air Force One, and studied him closely at meetings and events. He describes how Bush thinks—what this conservative president believes about religion, race, the environment, Jews, Muslims, and America’s future. Frum takes us behind the scenes of one of the most secretive administrations in recent history, with revealing portraits of Karl Rove, Karen Hughes, Condoleezza Rice, and many others. Most significant, he tells the story of the transformation of George W. Bush: how a president whose administration began in uncertainty became one of the most decisive, successful, and popular leaders of our time.

Before becoming a White House speechwriter, David Frum was a highly regarded author of books and political commentary and an influential voice on the pages of The Wall Street Journal and The Weekly Standard.
And now?

The thing is, Mr. Frum is right. There never was a reckoning for those who brought us the Worst Administration in Modern History. And there never will be, because the GOP (in collusion with our supine Beltway( decided to pretend that Bush Administration just sorta never happened so that they could all get on with the important business of sabotaging the Obama Administration from Day One.

And how do we know the tab for the Worst Administration in Modern History was never paid?

Because if it had been, former Bush Administration hacks like David Frum would be unemployable for the rest of their lives.

And I must say, I continue to find it both maddening and fucking hilarious that Conservatives who are now dining out on their bold willingness to state plainly obvious facts about the Republican Party are doing literally nothing more than catching up with what those awful, America-hating Liberals have been saying for decades.

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dinthebeast said...

"how a president whose administration began in uncertainty became one of the most decisive, successful, and popular leaders of our time."

I must have missed that part somehow...

-Doug in Oakland