Thursday, February 04, 2016

The #DemDebate : Short and Sweet

At the Democratic debate, both candidates fought hard and like grownups over real issues that matter to real people.  And rather than taking that long and lethal Al Gore walk away from the record of the man who they are fighting to succeed, to different degrees the both hugged the Obama Legacy tight.  

So if I had to pick a "winner", it say it was Bernie Sanders, but not because Hillary Clinton screwed up in any fatal way.  She did very well and should be damn proud of how she handled herself,  I would give the win tonight first to the Democratic base who have every reason to be proud of our candidates and, second, to Sanders simply because he step into the ring with the party's Muhammed Ali, went the full 15 with her, toe to toe, with no shot below the belt and fought it to a draw.  Which means Sanders comes away from this arena as a legitimate contender and not merely a curiosity.  

For her part, Secretary Clinton comes away undamaged (Note to Hillary:  Drop the reference to Henry Kissinger's approving comments.  Democrats who don't remember him...don't remember him and Democrats who do remember him look forward to the day when we can piss on his grave.) cheerful and passionate.  

Democratic debates:  I respect my opponent's passion but disagree with their methods and priorities.

Republican debates:  You're a smelly pirate whore!

The best summary of the night goes to Bernie Sanders:
“On our worst days, I think it’s safe to say we are a hundred times better than any Republican candidate running today.”
Yes.  Yes they are.  

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Robt said...

Just got off work and am watching the rerun of the debate. As I listen in, I read your comments on the debate.
I may lean for one candidate on one issue or the other. Then tip toward the another issue for the other candidate.

*Hillary has point of GOP intentions with health care and the magnitude of the battle.

*Bernie has the economics and moral future to improve health care.
(incremental vs drive forward) And we know, it is not finished.

I am not tolerant enough to listen to Justice Scalia ramble on about Brussel Sprouts again.!
--(Chucky wants to know if Bernie thinks President Obama is a progressive)

These are very articulate individuals. P.S., I care little of emails or Benghazi. Perhaps few republicans could vote Democratic if the are face to butt with their GOP candidate. For the most, they will stay home before voting Dem. Independents on the other hand are there for the convincing.

Wall Street in the late '90's flooded money into congress and got Glass/Steagall repealed. And the NRA got Arms manufacturers exempt from liability from harm of their product.
True-true............Were they the deciding one vote? Was there something gained from that loss? Besides money?

(Chucky-Why Bernie why don't you use the public funding available and walk the walk?) Bernie retorts how antiquated the system is. Touche!

(Maddow)-Hillary you have close ties with Wall Street. How could you drop the Sherman anti Trust on them?
I think Hillary is firm about Wall St. and pointed to Dodd. Frank powers and she would use them if they replayed 2007. (but then the damage is done.
Bernie is proactive more so on this. Hillary shows firmness with Wall St if needed. It seems Bernie sees risk of waiting.
Wall St power with lobbying and buying congress remains as they are and can only get worse.
This discussion of corruption, huge banks/corporations and their enormous stranglehold on Americans. This is something to watch.
---I want to see Bernie's and Hillary's best economic advisers debate this moe and with numbers to boot.!!!

*Bless Rachel's heart; They are talking about Veterans......I mean not just " I love the veterans".
How the GOP wants to privatize the V.A.. Republicans need to withdraw V.A. funding for tax breaks. Sure let the double amputee veteran go to the Wall Mart clinic.

*War---Hillary lost the Iraq vote judgement but she definitely learned a lot as Obama's SEc. of State because she displayed it. No don't Bernie was awake and present in the Senate for he too is well versed on this .

Questions from me;
=Where does the money come from to fight ISIS? Would you raise taxes to pay for it or cut food stamps and public education to pay for that military incursion.?
=As president, would you call for a tax to pay for any use of military interventions in the future to help start to pay for it in advance.
=When will Democratic representative begin to call out (loud and often) the GOP's failures and bad intentions? For example; the GOP screamed for a month over a House Dem that emailed a pic of his junk while the GOP place a child molester as speaker of the House, 2nd in line to presidency. Will Dems fight aa gop fire with a towel or a water hose?

=does America deserve to explore the improbable like landing Americans on Mars? Can America afford it? Would this awaken the the spirit of inspiration to America?
= Have either of you played the game "Monopoly"? How did it end?

DG, you are right. Serious informative debate.
Gives me much more to consider. Debates as this will only inform voters to make a better informed decision. From the planet I came from, that is it's purpose. To empower the voter with the best info to make the best informed decision he or she is able.
Oh, thanks Debbie for this extra debate. may I have another?