Wednesday, February 24, 2016

"Reince Prebus Will Save Us!" Said No One Ever

Since Reince hasn't paid off the mortgage on Castle Prebus yet, expect him to go right on making a big, smilin' public picnic of the giant pile of shit and bedbugs his Republican Party has devolved into.

CNN gives Reince Priebus a reality check: ‘You can’t pretend’ the GOP isn’t imploding over Trump

“In Cleveland, we’re going to vote on the floor for who that nominee is,” he continued. “That nominee joins the Republican Party. That’s what’s happening.”

“But you’re making it sound simpler than, in fact, it is,” Camerota pointed out. “Because as we have heard time and again over the past few weeks, there is a whole chunk of the Republican establishment that is not embracing Donald Trump. In fact, they’re rejecting him. We have heard about all of the big donors, all of the Republican Party elders, all of the people in Congress who are basically saying anyone but Trump.”

“You can’t pretend that there’s not a large chunk of the Republican Party that doesn’t want Donald Trump,” the CNN host charged.

“And it’s a big party,” Priebus replied. “We’re in great shape to win in November. But yeah, we have drama, there’s some intrigue going on in our party. But there’s intrigue going on on the other side too.”
Got that?

Both sides, bitches!

Both sides!

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The Kraken said...

Republican trolls of the paid and unpaid variety stir up some insincere idealism among the same type of pampered rich college kids who defended Ralph Nader to the end. Most of whom cannot be counted on to vote anyway. That is where most of the rigidity at the heart of this supposed intrigue comes from. I just wish I could test this hypothesis because the action-reaction cycle of circular firing squad in the comment sections is making my tentacles dry out.