Thursday, February 18, 2016

Editorial Policy Meetings at MSNBC...

...have to be the shortest meetings in corporate history.

Because based on the observable performance of the network they're either this:
Phil Griffin:  How are the ratings?
Everybody:  Great!
Phil Griffin:  Great!  Meeting adjourned.
Or this:
Phil Griffin:  How are the ratings?
Everybody:  Meh.
Phil Griffin:  What are you doing about it?
Everybody:  We were thinking...maybe more...Trump?
Phil Griffin:  Great!  Meeting adjourned.
From Brother Charlie Pierce:
Many years hence, when historians write of the death of television news, the one-hour infomercial that Joe Scarborough ran on behalf of Donald Trump on Thursday night will have roughly the same impact on their conclusions that the Yucatan meteor has had on the study of paleontology. I missed it because I was driving back from the Rubio event, but the transcript itself is completely amazing—by which I mean completely appalling...


Robt said...

Meanwhile over at Hardball MSNBC,

Chris Matthews displays the tingle going up his leg with John Kasich.

The competition of ideas de materializes as inter corporate competition.

The wide variety of conservatives soup on the menu makes it so hard to choose

Tea Party soup
Conservative soup
Conservative libertarian soup
GOP soup
Republican soup
conservative libertarian egalitarian soup
Corporate conservative soup
Social conservative soup
and the House special; fiscal conservative soup.

Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

"Whaddaya got?"

"Well, there's egg and tea party soup;

Egg, bacon, and conservative soup;

Conservative libertarian soup and Spam;

GOP soup, bacon, and Spam;

Republican soup, egg, bacon, and Spam;

Conservative libertarian egalitarian soup, sausage, bacon, to-MAH-to and Spam;

Corporate Conservative soup with a fried egg on top and Spam;

Spam, Spam, Social Conservative Soup and Spam;


Or the House Special: Lobster Thermidor with truffles and garlic, garnished with fresh mushrooms, along with a side of Fiscal Conservative Soup and Spam!"

"Have you got anything without Spam in it?"

The Kraken said...

Wash it down with a tricky dicky screwdriver. It's got one part jack Daniels, two parts purple koolaid, and a jigger of formaldehyde from the jar with hitler's brain we've got in the back storeroom.

Bob Harrison said...

Don't forget the Both Siderism garnish.

Robt said...

** Not the Damn Spam.........................

I seriously cannot believe you resorted to bringing in
The Big Can of Spam...............

But for a GOP Soup, Bacon and Spam. I will gladly pay you tuesday.

Approximation Prophet said...

MaƮtre-D': A wise choice, monsieur. And now, how would you like it served? All mixed up together in a bucket?
Mr Creosote: With the eggs on top.

crweaver said...

If you should find the soup selection to be not to your liking, I expect the likely response to be: NO SOUP FOR YOU!!

Robt said...

I am outraged! Outraged I say!

No Scalia Pasta and Spam! no Freedom Spam on the menu.

This must be a liberal commie cafe.

It is as if Colbert runs this roach establishment.

Paul Wartenberg said...

try this liberal mint. it's wafer-thin.