Monday, January 04, 2016

The Amazing Shrinking Priebus

"I’m not one of these people that think that Donald Trump can’t win a general election," Priebus said according to The Washington Post. "I actually think there is a huge crossover appeal there to people that are disengaged politically that he speaks to.… Trump taps into the culture. Some people in politics don’t get it, don’t understand it, are frustrated by it. It doesn’t matter. He does."
Now that the institutional Republican Party has collapsed, one cheap form of amusement for those of us who live in the peanut gallery is watching the former lords and ladies of the Party of Lincoln scramble like Romanovs trying to hang onto their heads after the October Revolution.


Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

Won't the comfy hammock of Wingnut Welfare catch the "lords and ladies"?

milegrinder said...

"Trump taps into the culture."

Image I'm getting is of an 18ga needle aspirating an abscess. Did he mean that kind of tapping?

bowtiejack said...

Great photoshop.

Richard Lohmann said...

oh, but the Obvious Anagram* (*credit Charlie Pierce) doth love us all!

Robt said...

How does Trump gain support from the religious right?
Trump made a "huge" rally statement about taking care of the woman. Funding planned parenthood and all that icky cancer screening that goes with it.

The rank and file GOPers I cross paths with are angry and have been angry. yes, Obama, Benghazi, Pelosi, taking our guns away, forcing abortion on men, Forcing gay marriage on men and Death Panels. Romney will win, McCain and Palin will be victorious and punish those you hate.
They cannot speak the words George Bush. They know damn well the GW disaster.
See JEB! poll numbers with all that money. Walker, Cruz or any establishment Goper is despised and not trusted.
What you have is GOP rank and file hating with raging anger for so long. They demand perfection of the Conservative values they cling to as religion with their guns. They are fed hate and anger daily on Am radio, FOX and their Red State web sites.
Now they hate the very political party they cannot break from nor change.
It is like a Junky who steals for his habit. hates himself for stealing and how weak he is to get clean.
You can take my conservatism from my cold dead hand (guy) hates what is in his hand. Just like how they want to blow up Government and America, they are doing it to their party. By sticking with trump.
Thumbing their pride at the GOP.
The party leaders don't get it. They want to teach a lesson to Prebus and company.
I am telling you, this is the rank and file shoving Trump up the GOP's caboose out of anger and hate.
These Cons tell me they will not vote at all if Trump fails nomination.
But Trump is not a "true conservative" and they know it. So it is an aberration that lasts only as long as the GOP leadership tries to force their elite choice(sO on them.
If that happens, they may not vote at all. They long for Reagan. Reagan the idol, not the real historical president mind you.
In some ways it is like someone who was raised as a republican but hates republicans because they are really libertarians and don;t realize it.
Bizarre? Not any more than the existence of the Ebola virus.

I will say this, the media presence of Reince began with a flurry. Since the rise of Trump's towering inferno (or is it infernal towers). Rience has been nearly invisibly silent.
And that my friends, is a positive progressive act on his part even if it is not voluntary.. As far as I am concerned.................

Kevin Holsinger said...

Morning again, Mr. Glass.

"Huge crossover appeal," eh? Because, with the exception of the Monmouth University Poll, Mr. Trump's support looks like "Bush voters + 5-ish percent"...

Be seeing you...again.

Jimbo said...

Prince Reibus never had any credibility beyond the few remaining corporate Establishment types in the RNC clubhouse. Certainly not with the Teahadists and the rabble that attend rallies for the "Vulgar Talking Yam" (credit CPP). So, at this point, he is merely haggling over the price while watch JEB go from an exclamation point to an ellipsis.

lostnacfgop said...

" . . . for a Preibus lasting longer than four election cycles, see your spin doctor immediately . . . "