Saturday, December 12, 2015

They All Now March To Trump's Little Tin Drum

Even the blandest GOP cipher knows which way the wind is blowing.


Redhand said...

"until it can be done safely."

Yeah, right. "We will consider immigration reform when we have secured our Southern border." Which, to the Republican mind, means "never."

John Taylor said...

Fear and loathing is all the Republicans have. They have no policy positions that will benefit ordinary Americans.

bowtiejack said...

I got to put my two cents in here.
The policy point of fascists (and Republicans) is not to benefit anyone.
Logic is wasted on them.
Their point is to grasp and exercise power.
They cannot be argued out of their position .
They have to be (yeah, i know , Godwin rule. Hitler & Mussolini) destroyed!
Literally burned off the face of the earth.
Hitler did what Trump is doing now.

James McArdle said...

And Kirk is -thee- blandest of the bland. I know Duckworth is competing statewide and she needs to play it tight because the objective is to WIN and take that Senate seat, but sometimes I wish she would let her freak flag fly and tell Mr. MOR GOP Kirk - and everyone else in the Illinois Republican Party, "I'm Tammy Duckworth, bitches! I actually did what none of you would or could have the spine to even think about doing! Eat a big bowl of fuck and get used to calling me Madame Senator!!"

Ah, an Illinoisan can dream, can't they?

Kathleen O'Neill said...

Helene Cooper on MTP didn't get "the memo" this morning. She commented that the Republicans are moving to the right and the people on the right are supporting him.

Molly Ball from the Atlantic indignantly interrupted and said polls show that it's Republicans who consider themselves moderate who support Trump, and some other bearded ghoul from the WSJ also jumped in to agree with Molly and save Chuck, who quickly changed the subject.

Davis Statton said...

I have a problem with the term "ballsy" because it seems to apply more often to women.