Friday, December 11, 2015

Professional Left Podcast #314

"There is no law, no restraint in this seething cauldron of vice and depravity.”
--account of Abilene, Kansas in the New York Times, 1878.



jim said...

Give the 0.1% a break, hippies!

Keeping a prefab transgenerational underclass fearing & fighting one another while simultaneously doing laps in a Scrooge McDuck Krugerrand-pool is SUPER HARD!


Robt said...

A small tid bit from the 2012 presidential election loss of the Mittance vs the black runaway slave that should never have become president.

After the loss of Great White hope of S.C. (the Mitt). A local news station went around and asked folks of their disappointmenting loss in the presidential race.
Somehow every every questioned S.C. GOP voter interviewed was white. (for what it is worth).
The odd thing was, they all said that Trump. Yes Trump is who they wanted and look forward to in the next presidential election.

No I haven't looked for those cvid clips. So Trump has not surprised this shaved & bathed Hippie. S.C. GOPers actually wanted the TRump -eter instead of the Mitt. I predict Trump wins S.C.. Right here, right now.
What is sort of interesting is, can Cruz get out Trump'ed in his own going Supernova Lone Star State?
Meanwhile, the corporate media's poor display of dismay of the GOP base. To be clea, not the 1% or its stooge party actors. But the hermit crabs from under it's angry fearful mentally ill rock fan club.
Who has longed to feel important and superior; ie, patriot, more Christy than thou, all Constitutionally wrapped.
So when Donald says one day one he will become the dictator in chief decreeing he will come for the latinos, then the Muslims, the women, the stupid, the liberals, the democrats,
Well your know his list will get so long that there won't be anyone left.
I guess at that point he contracts with the Chinese, N. Koreans or Putin to round all those unworthy Americans up?
I wait for his list of Libertarians and Conservatives.

As Big Ben Carson recently decried, the GOP establishment continues mistreating him, he will go Sarah Rogue. But will remain a voting conservative even if the establishment gets its way.
Living in an abusive relationship is bad for the kids.
So Dr. Ben, what of the Kids. You are supposed to be fantastic at separation of kids?