Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Today In Both Sides Do It: Ray Lahood

Like our recent Trump Moronburg Rally, here is another event taking place right down the street which I will not be attending unless some media outfit wants to scare me up some press credentials hurry-up-quick:
November 17, 2015
Ray Lahood
Where: Lincoln Presidential Library Atrium
The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library is hosting Ray LaHood who has argued that partisan nastiness and gamesmanship are frustrating efforts to address the nation’s challenges, from a crumbling infrastructure to terrorism to economic growth. Discussion will be at 12:30pm in the Library’s Atrium followed by a book signing. Free admission and no reservation is required.
As I have mentioned before, books by former Secretaries of Transportation about, say, slow but steady improvements in the handling of America's intermodal freight transportation issues in turbulent times do not fly off the shelves or get one invited to make the rounds of the Sunday Shows.

And so...
Promised Bipartisanship, Obama Adviser Found Disappointment

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Rob said...

you should go and agitate for mass transit. people can't afford cars any more.