Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sunday Morning Comin' Down

"And if it takes 50,000 troops going in there and cleaning out Raqqah, the capital of the Islamic State, do it."
--  Smirking neocon sociopath, Bill "The Wrongest Man on America" Kristol, on American network teevee, where he is still welcome for reasons no one ever talks about.
Tragedy draws neocon ghouls like shit draw flies.  That's a given.

The ongoing mystery is who keeps putting them in front of America's teevee cameras and treating their opinions as anything other than the mad howlings of Bush Regime dead-enders.  

Case in point, Jennifer Rubin (h/t Crooks & Liars):


Robt said...

First, let me say not a one of them truly has a stake in the Middle East.

second, we know who will be placed to put their lives on the line. It certainly will not be any of the Kristol family.

There is so much they casually speak to when Americans are on the battlefield.

Not sure if any of them (with exception of Eugene) that raised the concerns of the flag draped coffins returning were not aloud to be photographed by the press for the American people. This was a disgrace.
As Rand Paul confronted Rubio, how do we pay for it (the war)?
When Romney was on his campaign trail, he said in the same damn sentence,
"America is broke and "WE" can't afford Social Security anymore and I will take care of Iran if elected".
Spare the people at home the indignancy of seeing our dead.! America did not care or did not show it.
I am a veteran and did not cower when called to duty, dangerous duty and war.
Training Iraqis falls short. Occupation would be the only bloody way to somewhat stabilize the area. The best possible resolve would be to break the country into portions under a central government but the "Iraqi states to exist in the first place requires the people of the region to really sacrifice their own in battle.
You are correct about the fact that they haven't learned a thing from their mistakes......
It is not how JEB! sticks it to Rubio or Cruz.
The question is,
has the American voter learned anything from it?

Jerry B said...

My question is how long will the employees of these news organizations sit on their hands and do nothing? Do they not realize that their reputations are being destroyed by all this as well?

Until the journalistic community stands up and says enough nothing will change.

bowtiejack said...


None of these loudmouths (and that includes Shuck Todd and his brethren) ever seem to have done military service themselves, but are nevertheless experts about where and how many others should be sent to fight and die.

As a veteran, I find it sickening that nobody ever calls them on it. Just once I'd like somebody to say "Uh, Bill Kristol, you say 50,000 boots on the ground, but you yourself never did military service. Why was that?"

John Taylor said...

The last time we put boots on the ground turned out real well, as I recall. Don't these idiots ever learn?

Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

The neocons want chaos, because The Neocons' Actual Country (hereafter TNAC) wants all Middle Eastern states around TNAC divided into a patchwork of quarreling warlords, so no one can help the Palestinians, and no one can effectively block the imperial expansion of TNAC.

So from the neocon viewpoint, Iraq went swimmingly, and Syria was going swimmingly--until Putin intervened.

The stranglehold of TNAC on both USAmerican political parties means that we won't be allowed to do the sensible thing--step back and let Putin teach the "Caliph" of ISIS what happens to testosterone-drunken morons who fuck with Mama Bear Russia (Ask Napoleon and Hitler).

Robt said...


To expand on the point,
We heard the 5 deferment vietnam war hero's excuse of having better things to do. We saw GW's money place its superior beings boot on the neck of reporters over his service. Romney's youthful privilege of deferments to recruit Mormons in France.
We have a Speaker of the House that could not find his way to serve but demands if he takes his annointed place as speaker of the House, he cannot work weekends that will take him away from his family time. Being 2nd in line from the Commander in Chief (for him) means wealth and privilege). That military folks can be sent at a whim into a foreign land far away from their families, no weekends off. No days off.
***There was NO sacrifice for Americans at home during Afghanistan and Iraq wars. Why?
"Go shopping" President GW Bush replied when the press actually asked him what part does American citizens play in this.
We absolutely know as fact that if their lives were on the line, WAR would become the LAST RESORT as it should be. That is not pacifistic.....

What Funding is and has been provided is done low key off the books in supplemental war funding.
The GOP House and Senates position is, We the GOP will protect you and in this to win it but we are not interested in war.

To finish,
The GOP is so focused on things like squeezing Benghazi for political election gains that they let the V.A. faulter just so they can point blame.
IF....the GOP controlled Congress applied the time and effort to the V.A. as they have to the Benghazi slothing. What improvements might there be?

To end this,
The media should afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted is a great line and endeavor if they ever actually chose to do it.
Why doesn't the media provide coverage of V.A. successess?

My apologies for the warm breath.................

Kathleen O'Neill said...

@Robert, @Jerry B, @bowtiejack

Amen, Amen, Amen.

The media will not change. We need to figure out a way to marginalize them as they marginalize us.

trgahan said...

"...that they let the V.A. falter just so they can point blame."

The GOP wants one thing from ratfucking the V.A.: privatization. The people paying for House and Senate GOP seats want the for-profit colleges got...basically the tax money going to vets (especially chronic cases) directed through their private healthcare organization at 30% profit a head.

The fact that they can successfully blame Democrats (or get it Both Sided away)...To steal DG's oft used phrase..."that's a feature, not a bug."

Ozsportsdude said...

The GOP candidates constantly demand we call the terrorists by the correct nomenclature and I agree. From now on we must refer to the terrorists and their ideological leaders correctly

Ultra Conservative Muslims
Right Wing extremist Muslims
Conservative Preachers
Conservative Islamic extremists
Conservative Muslim idealogues