Monday, October 12, 2015

Sunday Morning Comin' Down

Family business put Team Driftglass on the road this weekend, me driving the crew to the southwestern-most corner of Ohio and back in a little under 60 hours.   Lovely scenery (and -- bonus -- the kids all know the lyrics to "Bohemian Rhapsody" now, and the adults will have "Shut Up And Dance" stuck in our heads for days) but I'm wiped out and goofy enough from road lucies that I am not 100% sure that I saw what I think I saw.

What I think I saw was the Barking Mad wing of the GOP having a slap-fight with the Braying Mad wing of the GOP over who will get to plant their proud flag atop the pile of flaming rubble to which the GOP has reduced the American political system.

This was presided over by Hugh Hewitt, who basically took over the show as its Crabby Wingnut Co-Host while Shuck Todd looked on, hapless and incredulous.

Eugene Robinson -- whose Liberal sell-by date was around 1995 -- made ineffectual mouth noises somewhat like a trout gasping and flopping at the bottom of a boat, because you always need a toothless Liberal there at the margins to subliminally remind the viewers that substantive conversations can only happen between various species of Conservatives, and Liberals only exist as comic relief.

Kathleen Parker smiled and sneered her way though her one-woman Maureen Dowd tribute show.

There was a brief but substantive interview with Bernie Sanders which felt like some strange PSA for thoughtful debate accidentally beamed in from an alternate Universe.  It affected the balance of the program not at all.

Hugh Hewitt opined that Hillary Clinton is a monster who will most likely end up in jail and as such, the Democrats would be crazy to nominate her.  Mr. Hewitt cited Bill Kristol's son-in-law's wingnut rag -- the Washington Free Beacon -- as the source of his considered opinion.

Mr. Hewitt also suggested that Paul Ryan bring in a whole parade of "serious people" to advise him. 

Serious people... like Bill Kristol
HUGH HEWITT: ...But if I were Paul Ryan I would ask Cathy McMorris Rodgers and Peter Roskam, two of the most respected Republicans in the house, to convene a conference next weekend.

You bring in some serious people like General McChrystal, General Mattis you bring in Condi Rice, you bring in people like Larry Arnn and Bill Kristol...
Bill Kristol...who used to be Hugh Hewitt's boss

Putting a Liberal at the table who is as aggressive as Hewitt and as willing to grabs the reins out of the host's hands and drive the Chuckwagon would make for some amazing teevee.

Which is why it will never happen,


PS. I have gotten more than a few requests to write up Andrew Sullivan's ghastly return to the political opinion business. When I've logged a few more hours of sleep, maybe I will


Henny said...

Andrew was simply appalling on Real Time. His glib misogyny found no takers. It was actually refreshing to see reflexive Hillary bashing gain no traction on at least one corner of TV.

waldo said...

I only caught the 'brief but substantive interview with Bernie Sanders which felt like some strange PSA for thoughtful debate accidentally beamed in from an alternate Universe' as a clip on a blog, but this seems to have happened a lot.
Bill O'Reilly couldn't unsettle him, Andrea Mitchell was put in her place, Squint Scarborough seemed downright respectful!
Could it be that Bernie can't be manipulated, distracted or intimidated by the media muppets, is the strongest progressive candidate due to his unparalleled political experience as a tireless campaigner for the middle and lower class and is the 'real deal' candidate for the Presidency?
And, is he seeking established, clever, articulate, committed progressive bloggers to help coordinate his 'political revolution'?
Just askin'.

Richard Lohmann said...

Someone prominent in the gay community needs to slap Andrew Sullivan upside the head and tell him to just shut the f*ck up. He's insufferable. I can't do it: I'm straight, and more importantly, utterly inconsequential. I heard the Maher forum. Holy mother of god, he's insufferable.