Monday, October 19, 2015

Solo Is Coming


Paul Wartenberg said...

The only thing wrong with this trailer: there is Abrams lens flare. AAAAAHHHH MY EYES THEY BURN...

Past that, this is my response:

I am seven years old again.

I am in touch with The Force again.

I want to see this movie in the theaters more than five times (my personal record is five, with Fury Road).

I can't wait for Saturnalia to open my Millennium Falcon Lego Set.

I want this to be sooooooo good.

Jimbo said...

I watched "Run Silent, Run Deep" 5 times over many years. same with "The Quiller Memorandum". Some films are just gripping character and narrative driven movies that you have to watch again and again.

waldo said...

I took my son to see the first one all those years ago. He was very young and when Darth Vader came out, turned his little head into the crook of my arm and went instantly to sleep.
He's going to take his son to see this one.

Marc McKenzie said...

The Force is (hopefully!) back. Looks good so far; keeping the fingers crossed.

Oh, and have you seen the "Boycott Star Wars" nonsense, Driftglass? Take a gander:

....I wish I were making this up--but I'm not.

Lit3Bolt said...

I want to believe, but I remember being burned by the hype machine before...

When the dang Clone War cartoons are better than the movies, you know something's not right. Plus, I had read all the extended universe novels, and instead of getting awesome characters like Admiral Thrawn and General Bel-Ibis and intriguing plots such using clones as perfect spies and possibility of Obi-wan himself being a clone (O.B. 1, get it?) and seeing hundreds of Sith and Mandallorians battle hundreds of Jedi and Old Republic Guard we get...the Trade Confederation and Jar-Jar Binks.

Even the Hobbit movies couldn't sink to the depths that the Star Wars prequels did. The Franchise marched on, but I don't think I met anyone who wasn't bitterly disappointed on some level.

Barry Mauer said...

I enjoyed the first Star Wars movie (episode IV) and the next two were ok. But the dang thing's become a cult and a marketing juggernaut. Plus the ideology of the whole thing is extremely suspect. See Robert Ray's classic essay "A Certain Tendency of Hollywood Cinema," particularly his discussion of Casablanca (Star Wars is in many ways a remake of that film, which is itself a remake of Huck Finn).
"Even the rare movies purporting to deal directly with general economic and political issues
(e.g., Our Daily Bread, The Grapes of Wrath) slid inevitably into dramatizations of individual solutions" (57).
Our politics are dysfunctional because our cultural apparatus rejects politics. The Star Wars franchise is exhibit A.

Kevin Holsinger said...

Good afternoon, Mr. Glass.

Better Callo Solo?

Be seeing you.