Thursday, October 22, 2015

Called it

Me, yesterday:

The Good Dr. Maddow last night:

Morning Spew this AM:

Obviously the game is rigged, but I do wish the riggers weren't so damn obvious about it.

Hate to say "I told you so".

No, wait.  Actually I thoroughly enjoy saying  "I told you so" since it is not within my power to do anything else.


Chris Andersen said...

So Trump will be the nominee then?

Neo Tuxedo said...

Kristol: I will bet anyone Trump won't be nominee

And, just like that, Trump has sewed up the nomination. Please, Bloody Bill, as you value my life or my reason, don't predict that Trump can't and won't win.

(I'm kidding, of course. Bloody Bill doesn't value any life but his own, or any reason including his own.)

Habitat Vic said...

Hate to say I told you so.

What Drifty, no embedded YouTube of The Hives?

Richard Luken said...

First, there are lots of hours to fill on the so called "news networks" and what it cheaper, having pundits opine and quote 'sources" who have their own reason for wanting to
plant stories or going out and researching news?

Interesting sidelight: last night on TCM, Nathatn Lane as "guest programmer" chose as one of his movies "All the President's Men." At one point in the movie, Jason Robards, plaing Ben Bradlee tells one or both of the "Woodstein" team about a tip he had from a top source inside the Johnson Administration who told hime that J. Edgar Hoover was going to be forced out as F.B.I. Director, and that Johnsond was going to make the announcement. Bradlee "ran the storty, and shortly thereafter, Johnson announced at that he was supporting Hoover as F.B.I director for life. Bradley then said that it was preported to him that, after making the announcement Johnson turnedt to an aide and said: "F*ck Ben Bradlee." The story got round and lall of Bradley's friends "blamed" hiw with saddlng the country with Hoover for the rest of J. Edgars days.

It's rather sad to watch that movie in these later days and contemplate the diffenece between the Bob Woodeard predicted therein (even given his reliance on "deep throat," with today's model who appears to be3 the consumate "access" appologist.

Unknown said...

I was going to point out the we can now know for certain the Trump will be the nominee.

But Neo Tuxedo beat me to it.

Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

*sigh* I wish Bloody Bill had predicted that I would not win the $7,000-A-Week-For-Life prize from PCH tomorrow.

W J Street said...

Shouldn't the New York Times give Kristol another high profile column slot? He's obviously ready to elevate our political dialogue and he meshes beautifully with their stated goal of writing crazy things about Hillary Clinton.

Niccki said...

So when Trump is the nominee, and lord help us, he is starting to be the least insane of the bunch, what strange predictions will be next to fall?? I shudder to think. After all, he was to blame for Sarah Palin, and I'm still pissed off about that