Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Birthday Fundraiser Day Three: Going To The Candidate's Debate


Remember when our nation's most pressing problem was that teddible, teddible budget surplus?

Ah, memories.

If I can stockpile enough good whiskey, I will be live-blogging the GOP debate tonight in installments. Because...

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trgahan said...

Just this past Monday I was treated to Mr. Hannity railing on our new local FM hate-radio station (now high enough on the dial to place it territory formerly only occupied by popular music channels...hrm wonder why they did that? Is it the kids don’t tend to spend much time looking for something to listen to on AM 900 range anymore?). Anyway, Hannity was going on about how Obama has “racked up the largest debt in history!;” only suckers don’t know that Social Security is already bankrupt and they will never get a dime; and all the other white-people-won’t-get-what-they-deserve tropes hate radio markets in.

The kicker was this stuff was blasting from an open window cop car on patrol in a primarily immigrant and minority neighborhood.

Robt said...

The police are so frightened these days to get out of their squad cars and perform their duties because if they do,
We all know we will have them on video. You know what that means........

At least the mantra from the FOX and their affiliate minions "say they believe".

Sort of tough to hear the police radio dispatch calls in emergencies when hannity is on, eh?