Friday, September 04, 2015

Professional Left Podcast Episode #300

"Please won't someone give Joe Scarborough just one more hour of air time every day!"
-- Said no one ever



bowtiejack said...

Don't ask Reagan hard questions?

During the 1980 campaign on the road, he repeatedly did a number of odd things and said a number of odd things (which in retrospect were early onset symptoms of his Alzheimer's) and which were reported but filtered out by editors and never revealed to the public that would vote him into office. The corporatocracy wants what it wants.

The Bush family going back thru Prescott have been the loyal dependable servitors of the big dark money. For a good time, Google "Prescott Bush Hitler" and see what comes up.

John MacCuish said...

I remember watching Ronnie's news conference that he gave shortly after invading Grenada and he said the following, yes, "...we consulted the other islands in the Mediterranean." It is my favorite Proto-Bushism. I could find no reference to this in any media about it thereafter. The clip online of the news conference doesn't show it (perhaps it was a different one than 10/25/83?). The one I can find is oddly truncated. I can't find a transcript either. He had that wonderful logic of: you've seen one island, you've seen them all. Of course, to be fair and balanced, The Gipper was juggling more than one marble in his head at the time and might have had Lebanon on his mind, and hence the various archipelagos about the world were so much goulash in the tempest tossed sea of his little pea brain.

bowtiejack said...

OK, I don't want to harsh anyone's Labor Day Weekend, but I just came across a comment by Salman Rushdie where he said the greatest thinkers on the Internet are Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian. And I thought, my God, it's true! and it explains pretty much everything - drifty turning out diamonds for a world that prefers rhinestones; the vacuity of the GOP field and especially the Donald; the martyrdom of Kim Davis; John McCain graduating at the bottom of his Annapolis class (not the most intellectually demanding of institutions) and yet running for president [see GOP field, supra]; and all the rest of it.
And then the really terrible truth hit me - Mike Judge's Idiocracy isn't a satire, IT'S A DOCUMENTARY! God [sic] help us.

Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

"Angry Laundry" would be a great name for a rock band.