Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Like Watching King Ghidorah

Incinerate some Mad Hatter henchmen.

It's impossible to root for any of them, but the mismatch itself is brutally hilarious:
How Donald Trump destroyed Scott Walker’s presidential chances

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's decision to end his presidential bid months before a single vote had been cast in the 2016 race signals the challenge posed by a personality-heavy contest dominated in recent months by reality TV star and real estate mogul Donald Trump.

Walker's bland Midwesternness had long been touted by his campaign as the key to his appeal in the contest -- a regular guy amid a sea of candidates who simply didn't empathize with the average voter in Iowa and New Hampshire. And Walker showed enough personality -- particularly in a forceful address at an Iowa Freedom Summit event in January -- that the political establishment and, to a certain extent, Republican voters (especially in Iowa) seemed to buy what the Wisconsin governor was selling.

But, that calculation was pre-Trump. From the day Trump entered the race in mid-June, Walker struggled to find his footing in a race in which the "star" was no longer Jeb Bush -- a relatively conventional opponent -- but rather an entertainer who would say and do anything to draw attention.

As Trump went from a novelty act to the star of the presidential campaign, Walker's 'Joe Average'-schtick began to feel like an echo of a race that was no longer being run.  Crowds packed in cheek-to-jowl to listen to Trump regale them with the famous people he knew and the "big" deals he had cut. Walker just kept telling the same story about how he got his sweaters at Kohl's.

... it wasn't only Walker who struggled in the summer (and early fall) of Trump. Bush and Rubio -- among others -- took a hit. But Walker took the brunt of the Trump assault; he went from relevant national contender to non-existent.


Martin Pollard said...

They weren't "big" deals, they were YOOOOOOGE deals.

Mister Roboto said...

I rather like the fact that he tried to breathe new life into his campaign by promising to do on the Federal level what he did in Wisconsin (union-busting, right-to-work legislation), and it went exactly nowhere.

Timothy G Murphy said...

Scott Squawker went from unintimidated to unmitigated disaster. He will bully on using his phalanx of GOP henchpersons.