Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sunday Morning Comin' Down

We've secretly replaced America's "news media" with corporate-extruded news-like infoslurry.

 Let's see if they can tell the difference!

Also on "No Follow-up Questions, We Swear to God!" with Shuck Todd, quite a bit of network time and money was spent carefully placing softballs on the Beltway Media tee-ball apparatus so that little Scotty Walker could keep taking batting practice until his time was up.  For example, on the subject of foreign policy, Scotty promised, among other things, to tirelessly fight the keep Murrica safe from the Freedonian menace --

 -- and got a big, shiny participation ribbon for his effort, because on Meet the Press, every Conservative is a winner!

Scotty's money mommy and money daddy --

-- must be very proud of their brave little cipher!

And while Persistent Vegetative Station MSNBC (Motto: "Remember when we used to not actively hate Liberals") is still being kept alive by machines so that at some point Phil Griffin can harvest its organs, there were tiny sparkles of the old days this weekend as Steve "Chuck Todd Lite" Kornacki took a vacation and let Jonathan Capehart run the place for a few days. And either by accident or design, when the Obligatory Heritage Foundation Stooge was wheeled in to barf up Conservative talking points, this time around he was not deferred to like the éminence grise of a powerful cartel, but was instead treated like a rusting derelict left over from three wars ago which has been towed into the harbor for target practice.

The truth is, it is absurdly easy to whip virtually any Conservative any day of the week on virtually any issue. The Republican's glass jaws runs right down to their Achilles heels, which is why they depend on corrupt media referees like Shuck Todd to keep their candidates and talking heads propped up enough to simulate sentience.

We have finally arrived at a place where Republicans have declared war on reality itself because reality won't stop punching them in the balls. This has made them frantic to lay their hands on enough unfettered power to finally stomp objective reality to death and bury it in an unmarked grave. At the same time, our political media has arrived at a place where it simply will not report on any political story that cannot be hammered into the mold of a horse-race between two roughly equal and evenly matched contenders. Which is why, for tawdriest of ideological, psychological and financial motives, the Right and the Beltway media now collaborate tirelessly to maintain the illusion that the GOP is something other than the unhinged mutant whelpling of the incomprehensibly wealthy, the insufferably ignorant and the irredeemably racist. always:
"No one's talking about it. It's like it's not real."  -- Fear The Walking Dead


Neo Tuxedo said...

"While the onlookers jeer and not one sheds a tear
The phynancial camels are last in his train
The phynancial camels, they've humped it in vain."
-- Ubu the Cuckold, Alfred Jarry (tr. Cyril Connolly)

Jimbo said...

FWIW, I have relatives in Milwaukee that go nto convulsions upon hearing the name Scott Walker. Also other friends. I think it was partly due to all those absentee votes that were tossed into the trash during the recall. No matter; he is such a robotic drone that he is turning off even a lot of Goopers.

Unknown said... always:

"No one's talking about it. It's like it's not real." -- Fear The Walking Dead

I'm pretty sure that's the official GOP position on climate change, too.

Kathleen O'Neill said...

Mr. DG: I saw Shuck let Governor Rat Eyes babble one about how his "policies" have "improved" education with no push back and tweeted Todd with link link to Politifact (of all things) which debunked Ray Eyes' claims about education and the economy with the comment "too bad it doesn't fit in with your script (I included you on the tweet).

I also noted how Shuck is getting some of his questions from this Facebook thing some social media director for a GOP candidate told him about (he's so "edgy").

Again, so nailed it.

John Taylor said...

I can't believe I just heard Walker say that. What an idiot.