Monday, June 01, 2015

Walking Thrones

Were I going to Netroots nation this year.

And if I had a panel there.

And if, on that panel, I could screen one teevee show to kickstart a pungent conversation, I would bypass all the usual documentary material, economic, environmental and diversity programming, and the look-with-alarm stuff about Hate Radio and Fox News and instead show "Hardhome" -- last night's episode of Game of Thrones.  It was funny in parts and wise about how politics between grown-ups actually works, but mostly I would want those assembled to hear and react to this brutally practical advice:
My name is Jon Snow. I’m Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch.
We’re not friends.
We’ve never been friends.
This isn’t about friendship.
This is about survival.
This is about putting a 700 foot wall between you and what’s out there.


D. said...

Were you thinking of going to Netroots Nation?

(No, both for your reason and because the thought of schmoozing with my fellow wizards about politics makes me want to scream.)

D. said...

Also, Phoenix? In July???

Glen Tomkins said...

I think the comparison of the conservative movement to White Walkers is unfair and dehumanizing to the undead of all universes.

Glen Tomkins said...

Comparing the conservative movement to White Walkers is dehumanizing and unfair to the undead of all universes.

Fritz Strand said...

Okay, you and Bluegal are the literary geniuses, so where/who did he pouch this from?

BTW that is a compliment, not a snark.

Mike Lumish said...

I am afraid that it's too late. Just to pick a stray example that came up recently, the Anarchist pigeon fanciers would rather let all the children in South Korea starve than make common cause with the Social Democratic pigeon fanciers on the grounds that Social Democrats - being Capitalists - are complicit in the deaths of hundreds of millions and thus constitute the greater evil.

I only wish I were being facetious.

driftglass said...

I think I'm about done with Netroots for awhile. I've been to 2 and they had their charms, but logistically and financially it's not feasible.