Monday, June 22, 2015

Ron And Me

Ron Christie, as you probably know, is one of the six or seven black professional Republicans in America who make handsome livings letting the Party of Jefferson Davis use them as boot-scrapers.

Ron begins:

We chat:

I conclude:

Because what else is there to say?


Kevin Holsinger said...

Good morning, Mr. Glass.


@Mr_Electrico Hmmm. Anakin S helped defeat Trade Fed, and you accuse him of being a Sith? Ignorant. #tcot
— Ron Christie (@Ron_Christie) June 23, 2015

@Ron_Christie You know there were, like, five more movies, right? Not sci-fi movies, but movies nevertheless.
— driftglass (@Mr_Electrico) June 23, 2015

Enjoy your day.

---Kevin Holsinger

bowtiejack said...

Thank you for saying it.

Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

I see RC brought up a favorite Reptilian talking point again.

Yes, back in the 1860s, the GOP was the party of black equality, or at least black freedom, and the DP was the party of slavery, and later, white supremacy.

The talking point cheerfully ignores the plain fact that the two major parties swapped many of their traditional constituencies during the middle decades of the 20th Century, resulting, among other things, in the GOP becoming the party of white supremacy.

Any USAmerican with a nodding acquaintance with U. S. political history knows this, and yet the Reptilians keep spewing it into the Conservative Fart Rebreathing Jar.

The New Deal worked so well that the GOP was willing to sell its heritage, and its soul, to regain the White House.

The "Southern Strategy" worked--but Lucifer has a way of calling in his debts when his debtors least expect it.

Frank Stone said...

Charlie Pierce called it:

"Now, of course, we will hear a lot of ahistorical braggadocio about how it was Republicans who freed the slaves, and passed the civil rights acts in the 1960s, Party Of Lincoln and all that. And we will hear about how great we are in general because we have all come together to agree that, in 2015, we decline to further glorify the symbol of a bloody insurrection launched in defense of chattel slavery. We rock. We are so very awesome."

A.J. said...

Ivory Bill was correct, but I would have phrased it differently:

"...back in the 1860s, the GOP was the party of black equality, or at least black freedom, and the Democratic Party was the party of CONSERVATISM,i.e., slavery and white supremacy."

Robert Caro's book "Master of the Senate" has, I'm guessing, 100-150 pages (out of about 1,100!)dedicated to the history of Senate, in which he describes how it was conservative Senators from BOTH parties that have held the U.S. back from advancing social or economic legislation to the broad benefit of the country. From the moment FDR was elected he was on a roll as the depression was so bad answers were being demanded and conservatives, who blocked all social legislation could not stop FDR. They caved. They had to. I can't remember if it was packing the court or December 7th, but that all ended. Fast. From Pearl Harbor to his death only war-related legislation got through. Social legislation: Zero. For years - zero.

Caro was interviewed a yer or two ago, and made the argument that up until LBJ was leader of the Senate and President, the US Senate was a dysfunctional body. After his presidency, it went right back to being dysfunctional and remains so today.

You get furious while reading it. I'm going to now have to go back and read it again!