Monday, June 08, 2015

Lil Whine

This felt like --
"One critic attacked your 'blinkered, glib moral instruction' and identified a 'passive-aggressive nostalgia for what somebody told [David] Brooks "outdoors" might have been like long ago'."

"I believe that, over the centuries, smart people had incredibly valuable perceptions. But I don't live in the past. People stereotype me as a fogey. I am not. I go to hip-hop concerts."


"I listen to Kendrick Lamar. I was at a Nas concert not long ago."
-- it needed some additional artwork.

Fortunately I know a guy :-)


dinthebeast said...

I wonder who he paid to give him those names, and how much he paid them...

-Doug in Oakland

Median N. Mean said...

You guys are getting way too good at your jobs -- or Brooks is getting inexplicably worse at his.I thought this was real. The only false note was a member of the press calling him out for being a whore.

"I keep my sin with my pants."

Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

Our Mr. Brooks needs to get himself a partner from the music biz to DJ behind his rap--Turd Nugent, maybe?

Yo, MC Hippo Quit and DJ Poopypants Dojjah be in da House, boyeeez!

Kevin Holsinger said...

Good morning, Mr. Glass.

You're gonna hate yourself for not coming up with this first, but I got a better title...

"Bobos in Gangsta's Paradise"

You know..."Gangsta's Paradise"...the one Yankovic parodied...

On a related note, I just checked out Mr. Brooks' Wikipedia page. You know he's originally Canadian (sort of)? Thanks, Canada!

Enjoy your day.

---Kevin Holsinger

Kathleen O'Neill said...


Kathleen O'Neill said...

Brooks took some time out from hanging with his homeboys to pen this screed (h/t to commenter Elizabelle at BJ):

"Hillary Clinton has apparently decided to run as the Democratic Scott Walker. As The Times’s Jonathan Martin and Maggie Haberman reported this week, Clinton strategists have decided that, even in the general election, firing up certain Democratic supporters is easier than persuading moderates. Clinton will adopt left-leaning policy positions carefully designed to energize the Obama coalition — African-Americans, Latinos, single women and highly educated progressives."

"This strategy is bad, first, for the country"

Elizabelle then quotes NYT commenter Gemli:

"Brooks’ advice is more than a little ironic, since it laments the extreme polarization of politics that has caused the utter and complete stagnation of government. He worries that mobilizing the base isn’t good politics. I worry that he’s lost his mind, and doesn’t remember that the country is in a shambles because the party he shills for lives only to crush the coalition-building, uniting, populist Obama."

bowtiejack said...

"This strategy is bad, first, for the country. . ."

Hmmmmmm. So their little a-holes are really puckered up, huh?

So velly sad.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see if Hillary destroys America by getting elected.

Incidentally, has anyone noticed the "look" of her possible opponents (that is, schooled by our popular media culture, the immediate association/impression you get on first seeing them)?

Cruz - gangster
Paul - kid's birthday clown
Walker - sleaziest used car salesman ever
Christie - Sopranos consigliere
Rubio - serial killer everybody said was nicest guy in the neighborhood
Perry - successor to Boss Hogg
Huckabee - TV pitchman without the Australian accent
Graham - guy at the bar who smiles at you too much
Trump - overbearing loudmouth brother-in-law