Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Words Fail

More and more these days I wonder if I'm actually in some psychotropic-induced coma having the worst world-gone-bugfuck hallucinations my brain can concoct.

But then I realize I can't be because my imagination could not dumb itself down enough come up with shit this ridiculous.


Fran / Blue Gal said...

Last night, for real, I had a vivid dream of "Wolf Hall on Ice" and it wasn't as wierd as either of the events you mention.

jim said...

Sadly, I was deprived of the wonder of Goldberg & Brooks uplifting my character - oh cruel fate!

Checking out the "NYI" video, they've just gone from a jump-cut orgy of stories - from a Muslim woman crippled by her husband, to a female amputee Iraq vet, to Banksy (?!?!), to ACT UP drag queens, to ... Willie Geist, who works on "Morning Joe" interviewing Sheila Nevins, a documentary maker from HBO.

Wrist-splints & AstroGlide are presumably provided gratis by the Atlantic for this epic tugfest.

Miller & O'Keefe are a perfect match. One can only cherish the image of Miller in pimp drag, waving her diamond-studded cane to orchestrate the fervid ranting of her blogosphere clones on behalf of the lethal Iraq scam - or that of O'Keefe on the Daily Show, lamenting that when it came to wiping ACORN off the political map "mistakes were made" from which important lessons can perhaps be learned at some indefinite future date.

Kevin Holsinger said...

Good afternoon, Mr. Glass.

To compensate for your lack of words, I was going to suggest making a picture of the Emperor (he of "new clothes" infamy) putting on a fashion show. Sums up the idea of an unqualified person doing something because nobody calls it out on its lack of qualifications.

Turns out someone already made the pic...

Enjoy your day.

Kevin Holsinger

Ducky's here said...

Wondered when you'd check in on that in your inimitable fashion.

Jailhouse Judy and convicted felon (or did he cop a plea?) O'Keefe on the state of American journalism. But really, who better.

And Grandmaster Brooks just leads the whole affair further and further down the rabbit hole.

jim said...

O'Keefe had his felony reduced to a misdemeanor: three years of probation. 100 hours community service & $1500.

Last seen valiantly struggling against teh liberal fascist menace from Mommy's basement.