Wednesday, March 18, 2015

America Responds

To Tom Friedman.


Brother Charlie Pierce picks up the story:
Stop This Man Before He Writes Again

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DeistPaladin said...

Tom Friedman said in a recent interview that the 90s were characterized by the feeling that if you're a suicide bomber "that's OK" and 9/11 was our wake up call.


Yeah, I know that straw men are popular among wingnuts but what is this claim even based on? Who was it that said "that's OK"? Who even implied that, let along when was that sentiment a prevailing attitude that governed our national policy?

This straw man isn't even made of real straw.

He then said that even if Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, we needed to go over there and kick some ass and say "suck on this" to teach them a lesson. I'm not kidding. He actually said "suck on this". And people take him seriously as a foreign policy expert.

I have no words.