Friday, February 20, 2015

The Rituals Of The Tribe

I see it's time 
Once again 
To wave our hands 
Once again 
And futilely demand 
Once again 


Jerry B said...

I want Billo to keep his job. What better poster boy for the hatred and bigotry of the right in general and FOX News in particular?

driftglass said...


I ask myself, how many more poster boys do they need?

And after all these years of unremitting public bullshit and bigotry, who is left to be convinced?

Grung_e_Gene said...

If you peruse TheBlaze and Breitbart about Bill O'Lielly you'll see his duped conservative Morlocks need no prompting or convincing to defend Bill-O's combat status with the fury of a million white-hot farts.

The putrid garbage they are spewing is a sght-to-behold!

steeve said...

It's worth it to get rid of this guy. There is a class of "intellectual" conservative which has moved beyond Rush and Beck and Hannity. O'Reilly is the only pretend-smart conservative left. If he's gone, part of his audience will actually turn off Fox News and wonder why they're in the stupid party.

bowtiejack said...


I am always struck by how EMOTIONAL these people are (including Billo for whom the predominant emotion is a sort of seething rage).

Thus, the pejorative name-calling and ad hominem attacks as opposed to a liberal-commie-pinko listing of facts connected by rational argument. Of course, I think they figured out long ago that with the pejorative etc,, there's no homework assignments or essay grading.

Notably, you encounter this same dynamic with religious zealots of all types (Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, don't know about Buddhists).