Friday, January 30, 2015

Professional Left Podcast #269

Introduced once again by Kevin's video because I like it.
"Exit, pursued by a bear." .
-- Bill Shakespeare, writer

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jim said...

Andrew Sullivan is a socialite elite cipher & is thus like Bobo as replaceable as an empty bogroll or a burned-out clutch.

The BallGate America deserves, not the BallGate America wants, selah.

"Conservatives never admit they're wrong about ANYTHING!"

This is false - & a dangerous fallacy at that.

The best refuting example I can think of off the top of my head is Breitbart (PBUH) making real clickbaiting bank from blogging about what a total brainless Visigoth he was while on a dinner date with his wife, standing on a balcony drunkenly flipping the bird to protesters against child slavery/child soldiers in Central Africa -- but there's also a growingly overt "Completely Wrong & Damn Proud To Be" culture afoot ... & not just in the US. Plenty of wingnuts are just too giddy on the delicious champagne of mental illness to sully their precious minds by having any truck with The W-Word, but the condition isn't by any means axiomatic to a vicious gang of extremist thugs who'd rather win than worry about the trivial externality of reality.

"Fail-Safe" FTW! Shit, that movie makes "The Day After" look like a sitcom.