Friday, January 09, 2015

Do Not Confuse Stupidity With Sedition

When Senator Lindsay Graham (R-Closet As Deep As The Ausable Chasm) says shit like this --
“The people who are attacking us and attacking France are motivated by religious teachings that say there’s no place on the planet for anybody that disagrees with them,” Graham said on Fox News Thursday morning, adding that Obama is “undercutting” other foreign leaders by not acknowledging that it is a religious war. “I think he believes that strength is offensive, that he doesn’t want to be bold because he may offend somebody — it’s not offensive to say that these are religious fanatics that don’t represent Islam, that have to be dealt with, they have to be killed or captured.”…

“When he left Iraq, he did so on a campaign promise. He’s trying to close Gitmo based on a campaign promise. His campaign promises are getting a lot of people killed. Our intelligence-gathering abilities have been compromised. The only way you can stop these attacks is to find out about them before they occur. We’re reducing our military spending at a time when we need it the most. These policies driven by President Obama of being soft and weak and indecisive are coming home to haunt us.”
-- he is perfectly sincere.

Not in the sense that what he is saying is true, of course -- Graham is a coward and a liar of the first order whose kink appears to be finding new ways to make other people's children die in whatever war Bill Kristol cooks up next.

No he is perfectly sincere in that he is a grown man who knows exactly what he is doing -- exactly what kind of degenerates and Dixie whistling Confederate dead-enders to whom his political fortunes are hostage.

Graham knows that at every day at the Roger Ailes Freakshow, the usual bigots and con men ritually round up the Usual Suspects to advance the usual agenda:
Fox Captures the Culprit for the Paris Attacks: Bill de Blasio, With an Assist From Obama
And he knows that as lightly camouflaged homosexual at the heart of the Party of Bigots and Lunatics in the heart of the Old Confederacy, if he doesn't want to end up on the fucking menu he'd damn well better sound off more brazenly blood-drunk and viciously insane than the next ten rednecks at the trough combined,


Mike Lumish said...

The tacit alliance of the left atheists with the right christers has taken a break from kneecapping the left Christians to seize the moment, afforded by the convenient murders by mooslim gunmen in Frenchy French Frenchmanland, and call for... a war of extermination against scary dark skinned people? A wall around those parts of the Middle East that do not contain oil? Ethnic cleansing of Indonesia, the most muslim country of them all? They are not quite clear about what they want, and it's creeping me out.

Red Hand said...

His campaign promises are getting a lot of people killed. Our intelligence-gathering abilities have been compromised. The only way you can stop these attacks is to find out about them before they occur. We’re reducing our military spending at a time when we need it the most. These policies driven by President Obama of being soft and weak and indecisive are coming home to haunt us.

Jaysus H. Keerist. Faux News is the freakshow and Sen. Butch-me-up is their star geek biting off the heads of chickens to rile up the goobers.

Oh, bring back those halcyon days of Bush and Cheney and torture and invading other countries to show how strong and offensive we are, never mind how many innocent people we kill. Sh*t, if only Jacques Chirac had heeded Bush's warning about Gog and Magog in Iraq and realized it was a religous war none of them Frenchies in Paris woulda died * * * instead we have Obama, who only approved the killing of Osama, appearing weak and allowing * * * *

The drivel, the insanity, the appeal to the darkest id elements in the American psyche will always find a cheerleader in this closeted tool and his platform on Faux News. I guess this is GOP America in 2015. Deutschland erwache!

DeistPaladin said...

I'm sorry, just who are these "left atheists" that are in alliance with "right Christers" [sic] who together are kneecapping left Christians and calling for "a war of extermination against dark skinned people" and the rest of what you posted? Judging by the nature of your sweeping post, I assume this is not a reference to just one "left atheist" but a significant movement. Do you have a news source I'm unaware of or are you in need of a new tinfoil hat?

DeistPaladin said...

Today, Obama is weak and indecisive, unable to make the hard decisions, projecting weak weakness as he weakly wears his "mom jeans" (whatever that means) and emboldening our enemies.
Tomorrow, Obama will be a scary, iron-fisted tyrant in the White House who refuses to listen or negotiate as he pursues his radical socialist agenda at any cost.
And the pig people will switch back-and-forth with no sense of irony.
And the media will continue to not call them out on it.
Seems like yesterday they did this with John Kerry. You remember him? Over 10 years ago, they said he was a flip-flopping, ideological, wishy-washy, fanatical liberal who couldn't make up his mind about what he really believed.
How do they do it?

Mike Lumish said...


Well, you can start with the Daily Kos and Raw Story. The left atheists are quite upset in both places. You probably know where the "Christers" [sic](sic) live. I am hoping that you know what a tactit alliance is, in the sense of Russian ultranationalists and American ultranationalists cooperating - without explicit coordination - to keep the Cold War going, as it is explained in all the textbooks.

I hope you can agree that both the left atheists and the right christers bear a tremendous animus against the left Christians. If not, just hang out at the above places for a while - it will become apparent pretty quickly. These groups are very angry at the moslems as well, and they want something done about it, but they are not coming out in public and saying what might satisfy them.

The "a war of extermination against dark skinned people" was an hyperbolic speculation as to what they might want, deep in their hearts. You can tell that I was not exactly serious about that specific detail by my use of the question mark, which functions as a virtual snark tag among us oldsters. It's a common rhetorical device and you might find that it comes in handy.

As to numbers, that is actually quite an interesting question. Polls show routinely that about 1% of Americans self identify as astheists, one third leaning right and two thirds leaning left. That makes them about as common as Presbyterians and about as ideologically coherent. They are much more visible on the internet, with at least a hundred on the Daily Kos alone and a similar number on Raw Story being sufficiently loud and persistent that one begins to identify them as a group. I suppose that if one were motivated he could start with FireDogLake and do a census of the entire Gibbering Idiot Left, and I invite you to do so if you are interested.

Does that constitute a significant movement? You tell me. I find them sufficiently loud and ugly to be a matter of concern, and you of course are free to direct your concern elsewhere: someone has to monitor the Guelphs even while the Ghibellines are rioting.

As to your closing insult, the japes of the ignorant are a source of endless amusement. Happy reading!

Anonymous said...

Shorter version, why kill the right people when there are so many others to kill.

DeistPaladin said...

A few constructive criticisms for you to consider:

1. Post Links and/or Name Names
Since I do have a life and a job and I don't want to read through all the postings on the Daily Kos or Raw Story within the last year, combing through them to try to figure out what you're talking about, how about you drop a few names for me? Maybe even an article or two with links posted. That would be helpful since your charges aren't even specific and hyperbolic, by your own admission.

2. Avoid Sweeping Generalizations
If you mean to say "some" or "certain" left atheists then be sure to include that qualifier. Atheists are not a bloc, by any means. You'd be doing well to get us to agree on anything aside from our lack of belief in your god. As a "left atheist" myself, I can assure you that I often politically work with liberal Christians, I have some in my family, many who work for me and I listen to this podcast run by two on the Christian left. I haven't knee-capped anyone yet and have no intention to. That brings me to...

3. Don't Be Shrill
It seems the tendency of SOME Christians (see how that works) to develop a persecution complex. I've known many that complain of "persecution" simply because their beliefs were ridiculed or they were prevented legally from discrimination against others. Others play the "hurt feelings" card if you say even the most gentle of criticism of their religion. So forgive me if I take your violent metaphors to be an overreaction to mean atheists saying things about your religion that hurt your feelings. That is not the same as violence, persecution or infringing on your rights. On a related note...

4. Criticizing Islam is not Calling for Violence
All ideas should be subject to criticism, inspection and yes, even ridicule. Good ideas will need no protection and bad ideas should be discarded. I respect your right to practice your religion but if you bring your religion into my life, expect it to be treated like any other idea. Yet, some fellow liberals over-react whenever Islam receives any criticism.

And last I checked, atheists were 15% of the American population and we're rapidly growing. But that's beside the point.

Best wishes.