Friday, December 26, 2014

Today In "Both Sides Do It", Ctd.

When asked directly how his Republican Party can reconcile its "Feckless Weakling" Obama lie with its "Brutal Despot" Obama lie, what were nationally syndicated former Bush Administration Employee Michael Gerson's final broadcast teevee words of 2014?
I don't know, but there are some divisions on the Left too! The Warren anti-Wall Street wing could play out in this part as well. Both sides have their own internal divisions.
Because among our Beltway Overlords, there is only one story. sacred and eternal.

Think I'm kidding?

Here are Tim Russert and Tom Daschel on Meet the Press exactly ten years ago, when we were hip deep in open, active, running, Republican atrocities:
MR. RUSSERT: But, Senator Daschle, isn't that a growing problem? If the House districts are safe seats, where out of the 435 seats, 400 members don't really have to worry about a general election. They can stay in there as long as they want, but they're very worried about a primary in their own party because it's a safe Democratic seat or a safe Republican seat. And so they really do toe the party line, ideologically, philosophically, and are afraid to work out issues in a bipartisan way.

SEN. DASCHLE: Well, I think that there's more of that problem today than any time that I've been in the Senate, Tim. I think that you're right. The parties and the pressures politically tend to nudge, and sometimes move even more aggressively, people in the opposite direction. Rather than towards the center, they move to the far left and the far right. And that then creates the chasm that Don was talking about earlier. Instead, I think what you've got to do is look for what I'd like to call the politics of common ground, finding ways with which to find the center once again...


Jerry B said...

I wish it were true that the Dems had moved to the far left as the Rs moved to the right. Things might not have gone as horribly bad the last twenty or thirty years.

Neo Tuxedo said...

There's a song in 1776 called "Cool, Considerate Men". Jack Warner insisted on it being cut from the theatrical release; it was recovered years later and added to the video releases. Probably because it included a line about moving "Ever to the right, never to the left".

Because we decided by or around 1947 that allowing a political Left to have any meaningful existence in this country would give aid and comfort to the International Communist Conspiracy, and probably make Jesus shit his pants. Is that what you want, you Godless couch-fuck? A shitting Jesus?

Mike Lumish said...

@Jerry B

While your point is well taken, I don't think that even Massachusetts or California would have gone so far - in this alternate universe - as to set up a Khmer Rouge style leftie dictatorship with Martha Coakley as the Pol Pot stand in. Vermont and Oregon, sure, but not the legitimate states with responsible electorates.

Regards, Horace


Cirze said...

Imagine the surprise of those of us who were somewhat assured that there was a left at that time to witness Daschle's wholesale move into rightwing positions.

And disappearance from the scene.