Friday, December 19, 2014

The Killers


DeistPaladin said...

Disclaimer: Haven't watched the video. Just reacting to the whole "Jeb Bush 2016" being uttered in America and not as a punchline for a one of Steven Colbert's skits on his now closed show.

I'm just speechless.

America is seriously debating whether or not Jeb Bush would be a good candidate in 2016.

Bush III? Seriously?

This after only six years ago we ended the unmitigated disaster of the last Bush administration. W Bush came to office during a time of peace and prosperity and left the country in smoldering ruins. The highlights of his administration are lying us into a war, crashing the economy, his handling of Katrina and politicizing the justice department.

Total unmitigated disaster.

In a rational country, the GOP never mind the "Bush" brand name should be politically toxic.

We don't live in that country. Bush III is seriously being floated as an idea by one of our two major political parties as a candidate for president in 2016. And pundits aren't laughing them out of the newsroom.

I just don't know what to say about what that says of the state of sanity in our nation's political discourse.


Alan Parker said...

The Killers - Wasn't That Ronald Reagan's Last Movie with Angie Dickinson and Lee

Grung_e_Gene said...

@ Alan Parker,

Yes the second version, it was also prescient as Ronnie Raygun was the villain.

bowtiejack said...

Hey, hey! The Bushes have been dependable gophers for large, plutocratic interests for several generations now. Some owners like to dress up their pets in dolls' clothes. Others like to make them senators and presidents.

Captain Mandrake said...

Smirking bastards

Kathleen O'Neill said...

I blame Obama.

Theodore Wirth said...

More like Send in the Clowns:

"Isn't it rich? Are we a pair?
Me here at last on the ground, you in mid-air
Where are the clowns?

Isn't it bliss? Don't you approve?
One who keeps tearing around, one who can't move
Where are the clowns? There ought to be clowns

Just when I'd stopped opening doors
Finally knowing the one that I wanted was yours
Making my entrance again with my usual flair
Sure of my lines, no one is there

Don't you love farce? My fault, I fear
I thought that you'd want what I want, sorry, my dear
But where are the clowns, send in the clowns
Don't bother, they're here

Isn't it rich? Isn't it queer?
Losing my timing this late in my career
But where are the clowns? There ought to be clowns
Well, maybe next year

--Judy Collins