Saturday, December 06, 2014

John Kass: Professional "It's Never About Race" Hustler

Over the last couple of days I had occasion to be back in Chicago for a minute.

While there, I grabbed a Trib and found that John Kass -- the douchbag who runs a skeevy wingnut apologist fly dump site on the real estate formerly occupied by the sainted Mike Royko (video above) -- is still feeding your Crazy Uncle Liberty his talking points:
Garner died because he dared interfere with government reach and government muscle that didn't want to lose tax revenue to independent operators.

A dying man's last words become a hashtag. The political Left accepts it, so much of the media accepts it without question, and "I can't breathe" becomes an organizing tool.

The odd thing, of course, is that Garner sold black market cigarettes for a living. And cigarette smokers often say, "I can't breathe" as they die of lung cancer.

And while there may be elements of race and police hostility in this, there is an inconvenient truth:

Garner died because he cut in on the government's action.

He made a living of sorts selling black market cigarettes called "loosies." And the city didn't get its tax money from those sales.
Kass comes out of a long, Chicago tradition of meathead bungalow-belt bigots who are hardwired to reflexively insist that race never's got nuthin' to do with nuthin' -- and anyone who says otherwise is a some variation of "race hustler".

Doesn't matter how patently ludicrous this idea is.

Doesn't matter how many knots a clown like Kass has to tie himself into to pretend this isn't about race.

Doesn't matter that, if his "reasoning" were anything but mouth noise, the country should be littered with the bullet-riddled or strangled bodies of tens of thousands of people who routinely bitch at cops and about bullshit speeding and parking tickets but never end up dead.

Doesn't matter that video exists proving him to be a liar, and wouldn't matter if you pried his eyelids open and forced him to watch that video 1,000 times.

And since there is no force on Earth capable of making assholes like Kass bend a knee to reality, clearly the only alternative is to give them columns in major American newspapers.


Anonymous said...

Hi Drifty
I quit reading the Trib when they endorsed Bush the Younger and Stupider a second time in 2004. I refuse to give them clicks in the digital age as well. So thanks for the update on John Kass (who BTW sounds like Andy Devine when I spun past the formerly Big 89 0n the radio a while ago). You can't spell Kass without "ASS". He's a world class asshole and the Trib and their ignorant readers deserve him.

Redhand said...

He made a living of sorts selling black market cigarettes called "loosies." And the city didn't get its tax money from those sales.

So, a tax cheat deserves death? Real pretzel logic here.

tmk said...

So, a tax cheat deserves death? Real pretzel logic here.

Nono, he was a Two-Bit Tax Cheat. MUCH different than the multibillion-dollar corporate backsliders. Do you know what would happen if =every= American turned into a Two-Bit Tax Cheat?! THIS MUST BE PREVENTED AT ALL COST.


Cliff said...

Oh, so this is a good time to start up a conversation with conservatives about how awful the War on Drugs ipppffffft hahahahah I couldn't even finish typing the sentence.

Government overreach on cigarettes is the new Eastasia. By this time next week, we'll have moved on to the new outrage, and the War on Drugs will continue to be forever necessary.

ChiefD said...

"So, a tax cheat deserves death?"
And yet Cliven Bundy still lives.

Ed Crotty said...

Kass is the worst. He is the most obvious symptom that the Trib became the print version of Fox News. Just awful.