Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Today in IOKIYAR*

You might remember a certain Senator name of Joe "Spanky" Manchin outta West Virginny.  He is sort of America's Joe Lieberman RealDoll now that sole member of the Joe Lieberman Party has retired to spend more time with the Koch Brother's money at the American Enterprise Institute.

Anyhoo, Spanky Manchin was marketed the good people of West Virginny as the Reasonable Democrat from "No Labels"; a guy who could always be counted on to score a dime-bag of warm fuzzies from Imaginary Moderates by advising Democrats to bend over a little further and touch their toes whenever the GOP decided it was time to fuck the country over again by sabotaging whatever Barack Obama was trying to accomplish that day.

See, for you young 'uns out there, waaaay back two weeks ago in the long ago olden times, wanton Republican vandalism and obstruction was so constant and universal that for many people in the political entertainment industry, it became...just...wallpaper.  Something to be shrugged off and ignored as the ordinary background hum of everyday life.

Then, one day, the Obstructors and Saboteurs went from being a legislative minority to a legislative majority.  And they danced a vigorous happy dance, Calloohing and Callaying at the prospect of being able do so much more real damage to the country they hate so deeply.

And as the Obstructors and Saboteurs cackled and crowed, Spanky Manchin outta West Virginny did exactly what you would expect a No Labels Democrat to do:
Manchin: I Won't Put Up With 'Bulls**t' If Dems Try To Obstruct GOP

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) made in clear in an interview published Monday that he has no plans to support Democrats who want to take a page out of the GOP playbook by obstructing the new Republican majority.

"That's bullshi—…. I'm not going to put up with that," Manchin told Politico when discussing the prospect of Democrats blocking the Republican agenda over the next two years.
Welcome back to 2004.

* It's OK If You're A Republican


Anonymous said...

Here's the thing, if you complain about obstruction and want to be the adult, you have to act like the adult. The moment you don't you become a total hypocrite, lose all moral high ground, and can never be taken seriously again.

Now if you want to fight dirty, then fucking fight dirty. Lie, cheat, steal, screw over, do anything possible to win. But then don't cry when it happens to you.

So Manchin is correct here. The Democrats spent years complaining about obstruction and how these tactics were not valid. So they have two roads going forward, either they can keep the moral high ground and not engage in obstruction.... or they can obstruct in which case they can be branded as full of shit any time they complain about this going forward.

It's their own fault, you complain about kicking then you don't get to kick the other guy when you get a chance.

driftglass said...


So, Chuck Todd, the actual content of their respective policies really don't mean shit to you; just the tactic.

Ergo impeaching Bush for war crimes would have lost the Dems that super-important moral high ground b/c the GOP impeached Clinton for bullshit.


Anonymous said...

Driftglass that's a dodge and you know it.

If you claim up and down a tactic is bad, and you complain about it, then you don't get to use it. And if you do, no matter your policy, you should be fucking ignored and pointed out to be a fool and dishonest.

Now, I prefer Democratic policy, and I don't care if they go to a street fight. But if they do go to a street fight, then do it. No complaining about tactics, no bitching. You hit someone in the back of the head when they are looking, kick them in the balls, curb stomp them, and spit on their corpse. And if someone calls you on it, you put them in the hospital. You own it, and you laugh about it. But then you don't get to complain about it.

And Bush is a dodge as well, we don't impeach presidents for war crimes. Because every president has committed them, and every president will commit them. Our entire world status, and our entire middle class, only exists because of the atrocities we commit day in and day out. So unless you want to remove everyone from Mount Rushmore, and promptly try and hang everyone when they leave office, we will never punish the president for war crimes. We've always tortured, and we always will. Good presidents just don't get fucking caught doing it, and it comes out much later. Bitching about it and demanding it changes is asinine.

Which is one of the reasons why nobody trusts us in the world. We've been murdering and torturing people since before our nation declared independence. All that high and mighty morality is just for the rubes at home so they can sleep better at night, it's a fairy tale.

Hell a Bernie Sanders + E Warren ticket would commit atrocities as well, they'd be competent at it, but they'd do it.

Horace Boothroyd III said...

@Anon Your little blurt qualifies as the single least interesting attempt at trolling of all the attempted trolls I have been blessed to read in my time here at driftie's place.

The classic way to deal with a bully is to smack him in the back of the head with a Liouville Slugger, work him over until he has lost a few teeth, piss on him to bring him back to life, and finish up with a little discussion about whether he prefers continued beatings or a new regime in which he plays nice.

Personally I would have preferred that Obama come into the White House wielding such a clue bat, but he was in charge and he decided otherwise. If it takes this kind of electoral beating to get Team D to smarten up, then I say better late than never.

Hypocrite, my ass.

Anonymous said...

Except the moment you crack someone in the head with a bat all your teeth gnashing about how horrible violence is goes out the window. And sane people will, correctly, ignore you completely if you ever complain about it again.

And again, I'm not against fighting dirty or drawing blood. I'm just saying that if the Democrats decide to to it now, everyone in the press will be totally correct when they call them on their bullshit and throw their arguments out of the window. The time to get bloody was in 2008.

I wish Obama was stronger. I wanted entitlement and tax reform which he promised before he ran for office. Raise the fucking social security age, chained CPI now, lower the corporate rate, tax repatriation. The Democrats actually do cut, and do deliver, the Republicans just talk a good game. I wish we'd already had these things, but we don't.

Pinkamena said...

Anon is an old breed of troll. He tries to smear PBO with the things every sparklepony whiner from here to Kos claimed he was TOTES GONNA DO OMG HE'S SO RIGHT-WING yet didn't do.

He's tried this shit before and been ran out. He's trying it again. I suggest we act appropritaely.

Anonymous said...

Claiming the moral high ground against a political party that has no morals is pointless. Obstructing a party that would sacrifice clean air/water/food, deny poor people health care, and disregard scientific consensus in the name of profit is not the same as obstructing a party and president trying to give people a living wage, the ability to see a doctor when they're sick, and some sense of dignity for their hard work instead of punishing them just because they didn't win the "I popped out of a rich vagina " lottery. But both sides...