Saturday, November 08, 2014

The 114th Congress Gets Underway...

I am still darkly amused by people coughHalSparkscough who cling to the notion that the Ted Cruz/Jodi Ernst Congress must now start governing like grownups or they're doomed,

Doooooomed I tells ya!

Honestly, how many bowls of hopium do you have to smoke before this seems like a rational assessment of the situation?  Hell, right now I can write the speech that is probably pretty close to the one Mitch McConnell will be giving on occasion of the fourth or fifth attempt to give Barack Obama nothing to sign but a restore Freedom By Repealing Obamacare bill.
Something something nothing more important than jobs and Freedumb!

Something something no greater job killer than the job-killing Obama care.  No more tyrannical boot on the neck of the Murrican people than that abomination, Obamacare.

Something something this is the job the Murrican people sent us here to do.  The people of this great nation gave us a clear mandate, So I swear, if we have to reintroduce legislation to get rid of this abomination 100 times before that uppity Negro Barack Hussein Obama finally stops acting like an unelected tyrant and bends to the will of the Murrican people, then by God that is what we will do.
Keep invoking "jobs", "mandate" and "tyranny", no matter the venue and no matter the question.  Just continue to hunker down and insisting that it's  the uppity Negro Barack Obama who is obstructing everything, not you.  And if he wold just stop acting like an unelected dictator and abide by the wishes of the  Murrican people...

Stick to your talking points.  Rinse and repeat.  And within a week, every mainstream media Pez dispenser from Chuck Todd to David Brooks will be echoing your message -- right down the commas and quotation marks -- and asking Democrats why they can't be more "reasonable".

Anyone care to bet against that proposition?


bowtiejack said...

Got it down cold, DG.

Look, they've got to be staffing up for the Thousand Year Reich that commences with the swearing in of the Neue Senate. Send that resume in now. Murrica needs you.

Anna Gaw said...

But in two years they will all say, NOW the Republicans will have to be reasonable. In two more years everyone will say how the Democratic president no longer has a mandate and will have to start compromising. And in two more years.... you get it.

And no, I will not take your bet.

Sigh... I suggest you go see Insterstellar. It is very thought provoking, intellegent, humanist, and gave me hope.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Expect all sorts of euphemistically titled bills like the America is number 1 and restore the USA to the bestest and America is super duper exceptional but Barack won't say so which in the actual body of the text which will make the minimum wage zero, steal social security and eliminate the social safety net.

Swede said...

What if the democrats choose to be "reasonable" this turnaound of 2 years and agree to these idiotic things the republican will propose? Half-Fox and Half-Free might get answered or are presidential elections a stopgap?

Robt said...

Oh how I agree with DG's impersonation of the GOP's press game for America and Freedom.

It has been like old faded dry gum on the sidewalk.
How the GOP tells you to hate Gobermint and elect them to lead what they are told to hate.

This health care repeal illness is more deadly than Ebola ever could be. But this sickness is merely the symptom.

Only republicans can rule, make law, and ignore needed and required law.
Why won't the democratic president do what the republican House demanded?
Now, why won't the Democratic President obey the republican majority of Congress?

Following their utopia to its core is like being parachuted into Somalia naked with large tattoos slandering Muhammad.

I do think impeachment is coming.
It doesn't have to be removal just demoralizing. If impeachment does not happen, the base Mosh pit will not be controllable. The GOP media has already bred, enabled and programmed an assassination fan club.

I think most Americans wanted to see justice jabbed in the eyes of the Wall Street criminals, instead we get a GOP congress that belittles the president as if it is each and every working American.

Marc McKenzie said...

"Anyone care to bet against that proposition?"

Nope, not me.

Of course, I remember after the 2010 Elections, I read that some progressive bigwig (who had spent 2009 through 2010 bashing Obama, of course) tell Rachael Maddow "I can't wait to see the Progressive legislation coming out of the House starting next year!!

Be prepared to bend over and grab your ankles. Oh, and the time for blaming the Black guy in the White House for all of this has long passed. You should've done what DG did--call out the GOP on their insanity, and the DC media that eagerly fellates that party.

Just my 2-cents.

Anonymous said...

you won't get me to bet against it either.

Mr. Sparks is obviously very bright and his argument is well put, and could be true. But it's NOT.

the notion that the republicans will "govern" in any way OTHER than to pass bill after bill with names like "the be kind to widows and orphans bill" or "the I Love America bill" but with riders to privatize social security and overturn Roe v Wade and every other right wing wet dream, DARING Obama to veto them, is pure fantasy.

Doomed indeed.

-Dave M

Kathleen said...

A bit OT but still relevant in terms of discussions regarding behavior of the Fourth Estate, a link to an article by the Public Editor in which she attempts to address charges of elitism in Times' coverage: (h/t Lawyers, Guns and Money for the link and accompanying post)

mjs/aka Frank Armstrong said...

I wish Mitch McConnell would give us a song, you know, something peppy...

Robt said...

Just want to add something I have noticed lately of news bits of republicans springing into a glorified action in front of the cameras of late.
McCain is making his "demands", not only of the President but of the Tea Party and other republican fascism's (oh I meant factions).
Tea party Patriots-Issuing patriot executive orders on Speaker Boehner.

These are but a teee-eeeennnny sample.
Each and every republican has a separate mandate.
They are all in factional groups that seem to differ from their personal confessed mandate. The Establishment GOP has it's own agenda. Speaker Boehner can only act when his big monied owners allow.
This does exclude the Senate and all their shattered glass pieces.
Ted Cruz and his meddling in the House, Fandy Paul having problems deciding where his "Give-me-tarian" principals should stand when it comes to ISIS or locking up doctors with out borders.
McConnel who desperately needs to make America more dependent on coal.
-All that and much much more,
But they are in campaign mode for 2016.
Does anyone believe they are going to help the economy in the next two years?

Or does it matter because apathy has set in...............

It is going to be like watching a Sci Fi movie as the aliens empowered with superior numbers and power begin to face the every day grind of occupation while cannibalizing themselves.
Can the human race hold out?
stay tuned==========