Saturday, November 01, 2014

Thank You!

Thank you all for your support during my fundraiser.
Individual notes will go out once I get rested and organized.  So...2019.  (Kidding.)

Meanwhile, that stalwart wingnut lie delivery system -- The American Spectator -- demonstrates why oh why we will never be able to get along by taking off it's tube top in public and showing us its naked, pasty Conservative id:
If Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin and Sean Hannity (the latter not mentioned by Luntz but obviously included by definition) and other talk radio stars sit at their microphones until they are 100, it will take another fifty years at least to understand their individual and collective importance in shattering the liberal Iron Curtain that had descended on the American mind. And that’s before you even get to Fox and the Internet and the magazines and newspapers like The American Spectator, National Review, Weekly Standard, Wall Street Journal and people like Reagan, Buckley, Goldwater etc.

One of the results of that total liberal control was to plant the idea in the subconscious of even a number of conservatives and particularly Republicans that liberalism in whatever form -- Big Government, economics, social issues, national security-- was somehow the norm. Thus dissent from this norm-- not to mention the powerful, articulate and decidedly intellectual dissent pouring out from Limbaugh, Levin, Hannity and others -- is perceived as “divisive.”...


tmk said...

"the powerful, articulate and decidedly intellectual dissent pouring out from Limbaugh, Levin, Hannity and others"







Neo Tuxedo said...

What you have to understand about the Common Clay of the New West is that, in their "minds", only three types of people are liberals:
1) card-carrying members of the International Communist Conspiracy;
2) dupes of those card-carrying Communists;
3) and absolutely nobody else.

Given that the Red Scare, of which the Cold War was only a part, began sometime between 1886 and 1919, I don't see it ending until nobody even remembers that there was such a thing as Communism or the Cold War. As I put it over at Seb's place:

Like Odysseus slinging an oar over his shoulder and walking inland until he passes somebody who says "That's a funny-lookin' threshing fan you’re carrying, neighbor."

Horace Boothroyd III said...

@Neo Does Seb ever show up anymore? I haven't seen him in like twenty years. Retardo Montalban neither.