Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday Morning Comin' Down

Having even-up-traded George Will to ABC for Bloody Bill Kristol and a waterhead human cartoon to be named later, George was once again decanted in front a teevee camera to do his little trick -- opening up his face hole up and letting mighty gusts of wingnut anti-science paranoid crazy come flittering out, thus making the inbred pod-people of Sisterfuck, Arkansas feel smarter'n em damn Libruls!

Will was nearly crushed by the eye-rolls of a couple of his fellow Fox News employees, but seriously, what does it matter?  Will's impregnable madness would be creepy-but-harmless had it not been underwritten for years by ABC News and now by Roger Ailes. But it is, so he'll be back next week, and the week after that, and the week after that, trying over and over again to get just enough of his venom into the audience's circulatory system to further weaken their already wispy grasp on reality.

So George Will predicts -- based on the anonymous mutterings of "some scientists" -- that Ebola may be airborne.

Well good for him.

I, on the other hand, predict -- based on what I heard "some older kids" saying -- that George Will may well be dead soon, under circumstances that the coroner's report will describe as "suspicious" and involve two-and-a-half liters of Great White toupee adhesive, a Jeane Kirkpatrick blow-up doll and auto-erotic asphyxiation.

Eventually, one of is going to be right, so start the clock.

On Shuck Todd's programs, the Sunday diorama cavalcade felt...exhausted.  As if the presence of a a real and ancient enemy like Plague at their little happy-talk circle-jerk was flattening everyone's champagne before it had a chance to get out of the bottle.  Dreamlike.  Just going through the motions, like a bored, depressing read-through of actual new programs.  Hell, even a usually reliable wingnut spud like Roy Blunt, Junior could only make it through a third of the list of Fake Scandals which every Republican is obliged to recite in front of every microphone before he ran out of steam:

Oh, I'd be careful about overdoing it. But I also understand that if this was one incidence where people thought the government wasn't doing what the government was supposed to do, it would be much less of a reaction than we see now, where there's this long list of the government being one step behind, whether it's the border, the IRS, the secret service...
Over on ABC, things were a little more energetic due the the presence of Smirking Death's Head Bill Kristol and Sneering Gorgon Mary Matalin, who can both always be counted on to dance a merry little jig any time the world's supply of misery and horror is increased and they get the chance to sit in front of a camera and blame it on the Kenyan Usurper.

Political discussions were the same, tired merry-go-round because they were conducted by teevee network employees who cannot bear too much reality.  And so it was the usual goblins chasing the usual echos as the clever dogs read tout sheets about the upcoming which all the clever dogs are predicting that Republicans are probably going to take the Senate...based on the fact that all the other clever dogs are saying that Republicans are probably going to take the Senate.

But through all the self-fulfilling media spit-swapping, no one can come up with a solid angle as to why this is an Important Story other than the one aspect of it none of them will report: the fact that six years and untold hundreds of millions of dollars' worth of single-minded and unprecedented slander and sabotage -- aided and abetted every step of the way by a massive campaign of fact suppression by our Mainstream Media and an equally massive campaign of voter suppression by the GOP -- has bummed everyone out to the point that just enough Bush Regime Dead Enders will probably turn up at the polls to reward the nihilists and lunatics and saboteurs with another two year contract and complete control of the legislative branch of our federal government.

Or enough of us can show up this November to stop that from happening.

And wouldn't that freak out the squares.


Monster from the Id said...

"...unprecedented slander and sabotage..."

Unprecedented? Blogga please.

The reactionaries misbehaved in much the same ways during the Clinton Administration. They simply got their old playbooks out, crossed out "Clinton" and wrote in "Obama".

Anonymous said...

god, does it horrify me to have to, even in small measure, agree with Will, especially on a subject where fear mongering from the assholes on the right is rampant! Ouch.

But here's the deal: It is entirely possible that we don't know EVERYTHING about Ebola.

I gotta go take a shower.

Marc McKenzie said...

"Or enough of us can show up this November to stop that from happening."

Please let this be the case. I'm already seething at the posts now saying, "Well, Democrats deserve to lose!" and the rising BS from some on the Left declaring that we once again should not vote to "send a message". Yeah....that worked so f***ing well in 2010.

(Apologies for the cussing, DG. It's just that I'm also frustrated at seeing the Voter ID nonsense not being given the critical attention it deserves.)

Anonymous said...

Good news! Bill Krystal is confident that the GOP will re-take the Senate.

Horace Boothroyd III said...

@Driftie Nice touch about the Great White toupee adhesive, but don't look down your nose at the good inbred pod-people of Sisterfuck, Vermont. People out west in Ohio think it's all lattes and Volvos, but some weird sh*t goes down up in these mountains-so-green.

@Marc As a Christian I am a big fan of facts and evidence and reason and logic, so it has been some weeks since I made my peace with the polling data and accepted that the Senate is almost certain to flip (gotta' hedge like an elwior as there is a slight possibility that everything will line up and we manage to hold on.)

Like you I am moving beyond clawing my eyes out with frustration to actively selecting a baseball bat with which to knock heads and teach some people the finer points of political reality. Sabotaging the election in order to force the perfidious Democrats to the left did not work in 2010, did not work in 2000 (thanks a lot, Ralph), did not work in 1980, did not work in 1968, did not work in 1944 (FDR was not in fact the cryptosocialist that ideologues on the left as well as the right pretend him to have been, he won the '44 election on the backs left Republicans and southern racists), did not work in 1800's Russia when it was Czars and Anarchists, did not work in 12th century Florence when it was guelphs and ghibellines, hell it didn't work in early iron age Athens. So tell me why it is going to work this time.

The Iron Law of Politics is that the Democrats move left when they win and they move right when they loose. The elwiors want to move the party left? Then make a big show of leftie power by winning elections with your army of loyal volunteers. And f*ck Russell Brand, with a wire brush. Anyone enthused by his what-passes-for-thinking has Moon cheese between his ears.

John said...

What I don't understand is how George Will can lie week after week and be caught up in numerous ethical scandals and still maintain his air of moral superiority. What's odd is that it seems to me not to be acting. He must be convinced that he is better than a common grifter or con man, but he's really worse. People die because of his lies. We could kill the planet because of his lies.

We all sometimes have to stretch the truth in our jobs. But I couldn't accept one where I had to do what he does. I'd rather starve and keep my pride.