Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Spleenwald Social Experiment Is Now Ended

While I will continue to drop a post about Mr. Greenwald whenever is suits me, the social experiment portion of our show is now over.

My thesis has always been that the Spleenwald Horde are mostly just reflex-driven meat, squatting on digital rocks ignoring every other issue on Earth and responding only when anyone throws the tiniest sliver of shade in the direction of Mr. Greenwald's moral perfection or in any way questions Mr. Greenwald's inerrant wisdom.

Then and only then do the Spleenwald Horde twitch into shoutycrackers action, dutifully ignoring the substance of any critique and instead rattling on like the last, tiny, crazy marble in a very large oil drum.

Having splendidly demonstrated the accuracy of my thesis to nine significant digits, they are once again disinvited from this blog.

But thanks for all the laughs!


Kathleen said...

Ah, memories from the corners of my mind. "Droneglass". Being called a moron (at least it spelled it correctly and drooling Obot. Good times.

marindenver said...

Gonna miss them but time marches on.

Anonymous said...

Say it ain't so, DG. Their contributions are always so insightful and well thought out.

--Nonny Mouse

driftglass said...

Any actual, substantive criticism is always welcome. Even if you call me an SOB, I'll let you have the floor if you have something to say. But this constant gibbering nonsense is a waste of pixels, and the solution is soooo simple.

Goto Blogger.
Make Blog.
Post whatever you want on your blog.

Pinkamena said...


Pinkamena said...

By the way, be prepared for plenty of "OMG Y R U CENSURING US?!??!11" and "OMG NO FREEEZE PEACH AT DRONEGLASS'S DINOCRAT SEKRIT RITE-WINGUR ECHO CHAMBER" feedback. And I do call it "feedback" for the connotations of that particular word.

driftglass said...


Already been through that a few times. Lost a chunk of traffic and some contributions stopped, which is fair: if someone think I'm a monster who has sold them out, they should not support me.


If I wanted to be well-funded and popular I'd shut this place down and open up a site called either "Wake Up White People!" or "The Humble Wisdom of Andrew Sullivan and David Brooks" :-)

Neo Tuxedo said...

If I wanted to be well-funded and popular I'd shut this place down and open up a site called either "Wake Up White People!" or "The Humble Wisdom of Andrew Sullivan and David Brooks" :-)

*shudders* Don't even joke, chief.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Well, gosh, I ain't gonna miss it.

Can we actually criticize Greenwald on substantive grounds now?

Pinkamena said...

I tried to donate to show my continued support but PayPal wouldn't accept my blood - er, plasma money.

Anonymous said...

Same as it ever was.

marindenver said...

"The Humble Wisdom of Andrew Sullivan and David Brooks" :-)"

If you played it for parody it would probably become my favorite blog ever.

steeve said...

Your thesis on Brooks has been confirmed to several dozen digits, but more study is needed. He's rich and important, so he can't be wrong.

Anonymous said...

Fucker, you need to get out more. None of us has limitless capacity to deal with every issue. Consequently, we pick the ones we feel comfortable addressing. Great irony, not that it matters: "gibbering nonsense" is in the ear of the beholder, obviously.

Beahmont said...

Anon@ 1:42 AM:

Which could reasonably explain your enthusiasm for the issue. But in no way, shape, form, or fashion does it reasonably explain the fanatical defense of Greenwald's hypocrisy and complete lack of understanding of reality.

It is entirely possible for Greenwald and Snowden to be the scum of the Earth, and still have valid messages to which attention should be paid. It should not be possible to excuse all other actions of a person because you like the cause they are talking about at the moment.

However, as the Driftglass Social Experiment has proven, people who are supposedly smart reasonable people can't handle their chosen spokesman's image being tarnished by the actual rotten illogical things said spokesman does. Instead of taking the information provided, verifying the information provided is authentic, thanking Greenwald kindly for his work then telling said troll to fuck off back under his bridge, having a rational discussion on the issues raised that make no mention of the messengers and acting accordingly, the world is treated to the constant barrage of Greenwald making himself the messenger a part of the message and 24/7 defense of the messenger fucking over his own message by the "St. Greenwald the Untouchable for God" brigade.

If you pay any attention at all the Glenn Greenwald, he has constantly taken his position as the messenger of actual valuable information as a reason de jure to claim that everything else he talks about is also correct and as valuable while simultaneously reveling in his own power. To the best of my knowledge of reading this blog for around a year, Driftglass has only opened fire on Greenwald when Greenwald has attempted to use his position as messenger of previous valuable information as a means of and to power for Greenwald's other believes and messages.

And the St. Greenwald brigade around here has gone nuts every time over it.

But you go right on thinking that just because you can't have time for every important issue, that you can voice your opinion to address issues you are comfortable with. I'm pretty sure the other issues will wait until you're comfortable addressing them. I'm sure nothing bad has ever happened in a Democracy because the citizenship couldn't be bothered to actually be good citizens and at least try and have an informed opinion on as many issues as they can.

Oh wait, the ability to not be able to address every issue in no way means you still shouldn't do you best to have what knowledge you can on every issue.