Tuesday, July 01, 2014

What We Talk About When We Talk About Voting

Brother Charles Pierce has one opinion about the sacred act of voting:
We get the government we deserve, and we are on track for one that is heedless of concern for women's health, and poised to eliminate unions.

By Charles P. Pierce on July 1, 2014

Quite simply, if the Republican party gains control of the United States Senate, and if it maintains that majority in 2016, neither Barack Obama, nor Hillary Clinton, if she were to succeed him in office, will be allowed to appoint a Supreme Court justice. It will not happen. There will be nobody whose views and judicial philosophy will be satisfactory to the majority Republicans unless whoever the president is happens to nominate Antonin (Short Time) Scalia's left nut. Yesterday, the bare 5-4 majority of Federalist Society Papists demonstrated that it is heedless of concern for women's health, and poised to eliminate the ability of public employees -- and, later, any employees -- from organizing themselves.

(For an interesting historical view, I can highly recommend the redoubtable Thers at Whiskey Fire, who draws on his academic experience to explain how, in regard to human sexuality, the United States Of America is turning into the Irish Free State, circa 1935.)

So there really isn't any excuse any more.
It's a good story, above the digital fold at Esquire Magazine.  Well worth your time.

Glenn Greenwald -- the world's most famous journalist and hero to thousands -- has another, dramatically different opinion:

Perhaps one day these men will start asking each other why they believe what they do.

Meanwhile, if the past is any guide, draw up a chair for a fireworks show "where the sky is all covered in spectacular multicolored hues" of denial, evasion, deflection and subject-changing.


n1ck said...


We must not vote, because voting only encourages them and props up the system, because we don't have first-past-the-post voting here in the US.

Plus, Democrats are the more effective evil, because they're slightly less evil than Republicans, and they just rolled over for Republicans in 2000 and let them steal the election. The only proper punishment is to let more Republicans win office.

And besides, if we just let the Republicans control the House, Senate, White House and Supreme Court, we'll have a social democracy in no time. Don't ask me how, because I'm just here to lecture and prove my own purity.

Dan said...

Pretty sure I've heard " the worse the better" then them thar proletariat films will rise up .
People can give themselves any excuse they want to not vote. The idea that you somehow place yourself above the rest of us rubes who are trying to keep some semblance of Democracy around is bunk
Self important sanctimonious blow hards aren't fooling anyone. If you can't get EXACTLY what you want you just pout and not vote. Let's see how well that works out when there's a solid 6-3 SCOTUS that overturnes Roe vs Wade, FISA and a few others. Life will be so good

Dan said...

N1ck, Stop making my point much more eloquently than I can

Robt said...

Memo to all employees

As you are aware as owner of this closely held corporation that has person hood,(as well as myself). I now have become very religious and allowed special religious freedoms to impose on you.
As my employees, I want you to know that this election is critical and may infringe on my closely held corporate religious interests.
As my employees, I am exercising my religious corporate beliefs, when I tell you that your vote this election may lead to abortions if you do not vote in a manner that is consistent with my corporate religious beliefs that I feel the GOP represents. Therefore, I cannot be sure that you as "MY" employees either have the aptitude or will to vote properly in conjunction with my closely held corporate religious beliefs endowed on me by the Supreme law givers under the U.S. Constitution.
So as your employer, you will have to refrain from voting in this election until further notice.
As a reminder, our H.R. Dept is open to you for any questions you may have and be advised, that non adherence to this closely held religious corporate company policy will be dealt with harshly.
H.R. is there for you. To assist you in any way my corporation and me our religious beliefs demand of you.
Thank you for you honoring our religious beliefs at the expense of your own.
You freedom loving employer, Hobby Lobby

Anonymous said...

n1ck: "rolled over for Republicans in 2000 and let them steal the election"? What would you have had the Democratic Party do after a Supreme Court decision? Start a revolution?

Horace Boothroyd III said...


You said everything that needs to be said, man. I'll just sit here, quietly waiting for my social democracy to appear.

Marc McKenzie said...

Thanks for this, Driftglass. Brother Pierce should be proud; he wrote one damned fine piece.

However, someone needs to send a link to the person who penned this codswallop:


Memo to Miss Beattie--you probably aren't aware of this, but in your drive for purity you just urinated on the graves of Goodman, Cheney, and Schwerner, and Liuzzo. Hope you're happy.

n1ck said...

@Anon 4:56

I'm just trying to save our resident PurityBrigadeMembers™ time by posting their inane bullshit for them.

Mister Roboto said...

Well, if you want to make the argument that there was nothing left for the Democrats to do in late 2000 when the Supreme Court made its ruling, then one can just as easily turn around and say there's no point in voting because the system is clearly rigged. I really don't have any emotional investment in convincing people to vote or not vote at all, not in the least because I'm sure everyone who has made a decision on principle on the matter won't be dissuaded. My point is that the Democratic Party "amen" chorus shouldn't be so cocky because their arguments are not as airtight as they seem to believe they are.