Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Silly Shit Andrew Sullivan Says, Ctd.


Andrew Sullivan pauses between tuck-pointing the brickwork on the battlements of his True Conservatism castle in the air and painting its walls a vivid Reformocon Vermilion just long enough to mock the Crazy Left for thinking Elizabeth Warren could ever be president:
The Left’s Elizabeth Warren Fantasy
JUL 22 2014 @ 5:14PM
Warren’s speech last week at Netroots Nation gave it new life. Her fans even created this cringe-inducing hathetic theme song...
I am a staunch Warren admirer and I have no illusions that the Professor is ever going to be President of this country.  In fact, I much prefer the idea of her staying in the Senate for a long, long time, becoming a Kennedyesque Lion of that institution, acting as its conscience and a beacon of sanity to the weary world for decades to come.

That said, however starry-eyed her die-hardest believers may be, they are as coldly pragmatic as Niccolo Machiavelli and as numerous and disciplined as the legions of Scipio Africanus when compared with the remaindered job lot of charlatans, deluded exiles, disgruntled former wingnut think tank employees and dime-store-demagogues-in-search-of-a-balcony who make up the vanguard of Mr. Sullivan's "Reform Conservatism".


Tom said...

Really??!! Someone exists besides Andrew who fantasizes about Thatcheresque Reform Conservatism?

I guess I don't get out enough these days. Thanks for reading Andrew and reporting back, d r i f t g l a s s. I used to, but he exhausts me. I'm getting too old for that bullshit.

Anonymous said...

The knives are out. May she remain and eventually head the Banking Committee where she can be a force for good. For now, however, she gets to weather the cluck clucking disparagements from the Savvy Class, who will simultaneously make her too extreme and not extreme enough.

Robt said...

From my perspective, Sen. Warren has no intentions running for the White House.
I do not consider her presence on Democratic Presidential Primary as important as some others. Although she would have some very interesting things to say and could move other candidates leftward, sane-ward, or to the fiscal right of her.
There will be other candidates that could take this function, for instance, Bernie Sanders. Yeah he is an independent but that doesn't stop any one these days.
How many disgruntled republicans lost and are either challenging or trying to run as independents?
There is one in my district as I write this.

I am in agreement with the camp that would like Sen Warren to become the strong liberal sane conscience of the Senate.

If Sen Warren was a Founding Mother, she would be able to articulate a bright future of the fiscal benefits for the People if we break from England.

On the conservatism theme,
MSNBC's Odonnel had a little rewrite on the move from liberal to progressive from the so called shame republicans like to think they made the word and idea of "liberal" and turned it into a pejorative.

I think if you want a pejorative,
apply how the conservatives of the day desired to remain under the King's rule.

Partly why I laugh at the Tea Potters who are republicans -who are conservatives (in the craziest definition). Tea party was not made up of conservatives in the Boston Tea Party day.

My proof is that the Tea Potters (republicans) would have shut down their meeting and defunded any future meeting to plan for the actual Boston Tea Party.
It would never of happened..

Horace Boothroyd III said...

Senator Warren is great, and I was proud to vote for her - for the Senate, where she needs to serve long and productively. Harvard Law professors are five crowns a dozen, but a charismatic senator is worth her weight in osmium.

And you are exactly correct, even the most enthusiastically gibbering of the "In my heart, I know that Liz has already decided to run for president and is only waiting for the moment to announce" bloviators is an analyst of Rovian subtlety compared to the bottom feeders that haunt Sully's imagination. At least the Elwiors can fall back on the hope that reality sometimes does come from the endless repetition of a lie.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, good point. Jesus Christ who is Sully to be criticizing the starry-eyed idealism of others? You could populate a timeline with his history of high-minded but utterly unrealistic pronouncements about "true conservatism". Fuck him.

--Nonny Mouse

Unsalted Sinner said...

You'd think he would welcome a Warren candidacy, as it would give him the excuse to crawl back into the warm embrace of the GOP which he so clearly longs for. Though I suppose Hillary will serve that purpose, too.