Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Suddenly Another Koch Industry Front Group

Pretends to give a shit about working people.

Want some more?

Here's some more.

This is so horribly wrong on so many levels, and yet there is really no point in refuting it factually because it is not intended to inform anyone: it is pure propaganda intended to scare a lot of gullible seniors by stringing words like "Obamacare", "Mortgage", "Gummit" and "Seize" together.

This junk is being funded by the "60PlusAssociation" -- the Koch-funded, fact-averse wingnut front-group that swears by all the usual Conservative idiocy and is desperately trying to cast itself as the free-market alternative to the AARP.

Here is 60PlusAssociation's chairman at CPAC proudly announcing the funding of a journalism internship for that last bastion of honest, down-the-middle reportage, the Moonie Times:

With money, all things are possible.


tmk said...

jesus. between this shit and the SCOTUS con-job, Willie had it a-right:

Turn Out the Lights, The Party's Over

n1ck said...

All of us rabble should at least get a new national anthem out of this!

NewAmerica™ National Anthem.

Anonymous said...


Has it ever crossed your mind that rather than "pretending to", they actually do?

It's been my experience that the folks at CATO, USCOC, AEI all believe what they say. And I'm not talking about insights gained off media, I'm referring to business lunches, happy hours, and all the other Washington social bullshit we all have to attend.

There's a large swath of people who believe that we'd all be better off if things were privatized. Sure there would be more naked profit seeking, but if everything was a naked profit seeking enterprise and everyone was doing it the crazy amount of money flowing around would allow people to buy the over priced stuff from their own over priced grift, someone would create another thing to deal with the over pricing and they'd be in on it as well. They don't use over priced or grift, I added that, but that is the general logic.

Likewise many conservatives may hate the welfare state on principal, but they also believe it ruins lives. That people make dumber choices when they know the government will catch them. That government support lowers the need for family, local community, and church support. The very items that normally instill a proper work ethic, drive, sense of morality and fair play have been driven out of peoples lives.

Just as neoliberals and establishment types honestly believe there is a technocratic solution for everything. That with the right mix of brain power, ivy league education, and exposure to the right circles of thought they can all come up with a solution that helps everyone and doesn't do anything anybody doesn't like.

To really sell propaganda you have to drink the koolaide yourself.

bowtiejack said...

The fact that there are true believers in this bullshit is just one more depressing example of the Dunning Krueger Effect. Let the stupids reign!