Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Someone Buy Oliver Willis A Case Of Beer

The Story of Barack Obama (As Told By Conservatives)

Oliver Willis on April 30, 2014

Barack Obama was born in Kenya. His father was the communist Frank Marshall Davis, who taught the young Barack the ways of Communism.

At some point, Barack Obama Sr. came into the picture and pretended to be Barack Obama’s real father. He taught his “son” to hate the British because of their behavior in colonial days. The Obamas posted a birth announcement in a Hawaii newspaper in order to fake their son’s birth on U.S. soil.

Obama attended a Madrassa in Indonesia, where he grew up. This is where he learned to be a Muslim.

Obama then decided to adopt the name “Barry” as part of his long-standing plot to fake being American.

In high school Obama smoked a lot of weed. He was the first and only person who grew up in the 1970s to do so. Obama did not go to college – nobody remembers seeing him and they can fake pictures – and also became the president of the Harvard Law Review. He hugged a black studies professor one time, probably to get secret messages on how to be a good socialist.
It goes on from there.

Fine work, Mr. Willis. Future historians are in your debt.

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Jim from MN said...

And he's black.

John Polansky said...

I didn't understand the purpose of this column when I first read it at Daily Banter and am surprised that you would herald it. It's a listing of all the Repuppitkin lies told about a good man to the point that its penetrated our national consciousness. The Right repeats it all continuously and the Left does what... repeats it for a joke? Parity? Satire? How does repeating their lies help us? Wouldn't a column discounting and disassembling the lies been more productive? To say I'm gob smacked is an understatement.

OBS said...

John Polansky said...

Sometimes just calmly listing all the crazy shit people believe is the easiest way to point out to the sane people just how crazy they other side is.

John Polansky said...

I understand your rational explanation of the column. For what ever reason it just erks me not for what it is but for what it isn't.

deering said...

"In high school Obama smoked a lot of weed. He was the first and only person who grew up in the 1970s to do so."

Poor David Brooks--he never gets credit for anything...;)